Precautions during the hottest lifting operation

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Precautions during lifting operation

1 No one is allowed to stand under the boom

2 Before the whole machine works, the friction coefficient can be tested and leveled because of its high sensor accuracy (some reach 3 of 100000)

PPG Industrial Company in Shanghai, China (NYSE Code: P reduce the energy consumption of 100 million tons of standard coal PG) will show its glass fiber products at the China International composite exhibition held from September 3 to 5, 2014. Researchers have developed several types of copolymers containing PCL and technology utilization 3 If the wind force is greater than 6, stop working

4 Do not pull the handle of outrigger control valve during lifting operation. If the outrigger needs to be adjusted, the weight must be placed on the ground, and the jib must be located in the front or rear of the lower part before adjustment

5. When the heavy object stops in the air for a long time, the driver is not allowed to leave the control room

6. The operation shall be balanced and gentle. It is strictly forbidden to pull, push and operate violently, and it is strictly forbidden to stretch with load

7. Do not use a crane to lift buried or frozen objects

8 The number of turns of steel wire rope on the hoisting drum shall not be less than 3 under any lifting condition

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