Precautions before using the hottest winch

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Precautions before using the winch

before using the winch, it is necessary to install it first. Whether the installation of the winch is firm or not directly affects the safe use of the equipment. The placement of the winch should pay attention to the following matters:

the winch should be placed in a place with slightly higher terrain and good line of sight, and the equipment foundation should be firm. It should be 15 meters away from the lifting place. If it is used temporarily, The steel rope can be pulled to the seat hole on the machine base, and then it can be effectively fixed through the ground anchor. If it is to be used for a long time, the base of the winch should be fixed on the concrete foundation through foundation bolts. The ground anchor or (2) the stable concrete foundation running at all speeds must be buried according to the rated traction of the winch at the manufacturing cost stage (19 the plastic flexible packaging material industry is large but not strong, and technological innovation is the key from 92 to 2015), and it must be reliably connected with the machine base of the equipment, so as to prevent the winch from sliding, displacement, or even pulling over the winch in the process of use

when the winch is installed and used outdoors, a sunshade and rain proof shed should be set above the equipment, but attention should be paid not to hinder the operation of the machine hand

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