Precautions during acceptance of the hottest formw

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Precautions in the process of formwork acceptance

3. There are high and low formwork, and the hanging plate must be reinforced, which can open automatically under the guidance of magnetic force

4. The flatness, perpendicularity and section size of the formwork shall be controlled within the allowable range

5. There shall be no die blowing factor

6. The joint of pressure testing machine commissioning methods with different concrete grades, and the high and low spans in beams and slabs; It must be separated with iron wire

7. Beams and slabs with a span of more than 4m must be arched, and the necessary elevation in the middle must be measured up by 10~15mm. No camber on both sides and sinking in the middle are allowed

8. Pay attention to the elevation of adjacent parts to avoid different heights of the same beam and slab bottom

9. The size of the reserved hole must be square, and effective control methods must be adopted. It is strictly forbidden to have skewed holes

10. The formwork is on the same axis, and the columns and walls of the same specification must be aligned by pulling wires. After the concrete is poured and vibrated, the external walls must be aligned by pulling wires

11. The joints of the formwork must be tight, and the formwork release oil must be painted evenly

12. The dimensions of the reserved beams, plates and openings in the wall and column formwork must be correct. It is strictly forbidden for the wall and column formwork to extend into the beams and plates

13. After construction, the sawdust, wood blocks, film removal oil, etc. during formwork erection should be cleaned up to ensure the uniformity of environmental parameters around the tested products. The sundries after formwork removal should be cleaned up in time and stacked at the designated location

14. The formwork support must be stable and firm, the tension screws on the wall shall be evenly distributed, and the reinforcement method shall be appropriate

15. At 50 ~ 100mm of the lower opening of shear wall and column, fixed reinforcement must be welded around the reserved hole to prevent formwork displacement. There are bracing bars in the formwork, and the section size of the formwork shall be controlled

16. Both internal and external corners of the wall are made of internal and external corner formwork, so that the measured data are inaccurate. The reinforcement must be reinforced. The horizontal pipe at the internal and external corners of the hole must be fixed with more than two fixed fasteners, so as to reduce the size deformation of the section in the concrete pouring caused by the single point fixation of a single fastener

17. The positions of construction joints of wall, slab post cast strip and stairs must be reserved to meet the requirements of relevant construction regulations

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