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Notes on paper acceptance, storage and transportation

printing materials are one of the important materials in the printing and packaging industry, and paper is the most used printing materials in printing. Paper has a great impact on the quality of printed matter and printing cost. Therefore, the acceptance, storage and transportation of paper are very important for printers and paper dealers. If the standard is strictly followed, some unnecessary losses can be avoided. After our discussion, the precautions for paper acceptance, storage and transportation are summarized as follows, hoping to be of some help to printing plants and paper dealers

1. Paper acceptance:

for printing plants and paper dealers, paper acceptance is very important, which can not only avoid the appearance quality problems caused by abnormalities in the transportation process of goods, but also avoid the quality problems of the paper itself, so as to eliminate the factors that may affect the printing efficiency, quality and cost in the bud and avoid the loss of the company. Check the following items carefully:

A. check whether the brand, weight, grade, specification and quantity of the paper are consistent with the corresponding items on the order

b. Check whether the outer package of paper products is intact and whether there are bruises, damages and other problems in the appearance

c, whether there is bulge on the web

d, check whether the web has problems such as paper core deformation, looseness or protrusion

e. open the outer package of the paper and check whether the paper has Ruffle edges or tight edges

f. in some physical aspects, you can receive pension according to the agreed conditions until you die; If the elderly have special requirements after death, paper products with special purposes should be sampled and tested to confirm whether they meet the requirements

g, items that need to be tested by other printing plants or processing plants

2. Storage of paper:

from the perspective of cost, no matter which manufacturer wants to buy and use the production materials immediately, and reduce the inventory to zero inventory. However, from the actual operation, this goal cannot be fully achieved, so it can only reduce the inventory as much as possible and shorten the inventory cycle. Therefore, the storage of raw materials is inevitable. As the paper itself is greatly affected by the external environment, and changes will affect the subsequent processing, the storage of paper should be paid enough attention to by printing plants and dealers, otherwise the loss can not be estimated. From the experience of our paper mill, we should pay attention to the following problems in the storage of paper:

A. paper should not be stored in the open air as far as possible. If it is unavoidable, the open air time should not be too long. At the same time, it needs to be covered with canvas and moved into the warehouse in time to avoid rain

b. the paper is very sensitive to air humidity, which is easy to absorb or lose moisture, resulting in ruffles or tight edges, inaccurate overprint and wrinkles in printing. Therefore, the paper should be stored in a clean and dry environment. When stacking paper, it is not allowed to stack it close to the wall. The relative humidity of the warehouse and workshop where the paper is stored should be kept at 50% - 65%

c. paper contains lignin and many other chemical components, which will fade and turn yellow after being exposed to light, making it unusable and scrapped. At the same time, after exposure, the water in the paper will evaporate, the water content will change, and the paper will become brittle or deformed. In serious cases, it cannot be printed on the machine

d. the temperature is not easy to be too high when storing paper. If the temperature is too high, the strength of the paper will decrease significantly. The temperature of the warehouse and workshop where the paper is stored should be 15 ~ 25 ℃

e. the paper stacking height should not be too high to prevent crushing the lower layer of paper. If it is web paper, it will also avoid damage to the paper core tube. At the same time, stacking too high is prone to collapse, causing paper products to be broken or industrial accidents. Generally, the stacking height should not exceed three layers

f. don't stand the lithography paper upright, and put it flat as far as possible

3. Paper transportation:

a good solution for paper transportation is to divide polishing into two stages, including long-distance transportation and handling from warehouse to printing workshop. In this process, attention must be paid to prevent paper damage and industrial accidents. Combined with the actual experience of our company, we should pay attention to the following aspects:

A. when using trucks for long-distance transportation, we should load single pieces and arrange them neatly. The stacking height should not exceed 2 layers, and we should make effective fixation to avoid sliding and overturning when bumping. After loading, the goods should be covered with a rain cloth to prevent rain and moisture on the way

b. forklifts must be used during loading and unloading. Do not throw them down from high places to avoid loose parts and damage to paper

c. the forklift can only load one piece of paper at a time to prevent losses caused by overturning when turning and bumping

d. for web paper, it must be loaded, unloaded and handled with holding forks. It is forbidden to roll the paper roll on the ground. When using the holding fork, you must pay attention to the following points:

1). A soft protective layer such as blanket must be placed on the holding clip to prevent paper products from being damaged; The blanket should be kept clean so as not to stain the paper roll. If it is stained with oil, it must be replaced

2). When the paper roll is placed in the designated position, it should be handled with care, and pay attention to the level, so as to avoid damage caused by impact

3). The surrounding door frame should always be in a vertical state to ensure that the paper roll is horizontal

refrigerator, she taught the purpose of classification of burning performance of materials and products and classification of burning performance of foreign materials and products. Plastic products for freezers 4). Any paper roll must be placed on carpet or wooden pallet, and it is forbidden to put it directly on the cement floor

compared with the printing process, the process of paper acceptance, storage and transportation is very simple, and the general printing factory does not pay attention to it. However, if there is a problem in these three links, the loss caused is incalculable. The printing factory and dealers must pay attention to the process of paper acceptance, storage and transportation to avoid unnecessary losses

source: Zhengzhou Wanbang printing and binding

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