Precautions for choosing digital proofing system

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Precautions for choosing digital proofing system

the proofing system using inkjet printing technology (referred to as digital proofing system for short) has been more and more used in design proofing and prepress plate making Proofing, so what factors should be considered in choosing digital proofing system

1. Color accuracy

color accuracy is the accuracy of matching with the target color. In order to compare and determine the rubber fatigue testing machine produced by StarTech, people now quantify it, that is, select an appropriate target color gamut, and then measure its deviation through the color management system. People use De to express this deviation. The De of a good digital proofing system should be between 3 and 5. The following is the color effect of de in different ranges:

1.6 ~ 3.2 when viewed from a certain distance, the color difference is basically invisible. It is reported that this is usually considered to be the same color. 3.2 ~ 6.5 the color difference can be seen, but the color gives people the same impression basically

6.5 ~ 1.3 the color difference can be seen, but it can be considered as the same tone

13 ~ 25 are considered to be different tones. Beyond this value, it is considered to be a different color

2. Repeatability (stability)

when repeatedly outputting the same digital file for many times, the same proofing effect must be achieved. Generally speaking, the higher the degree of automation of the whole process, the higher the repeatability. This is difficult to achieve by traditional proofing methods, because the traditional proofing process must be controlled:

3 Speed

for those image products that require high timeliness (such as weekly magazines, promotional materials for major events or time pressed printed materials affected by price factors), speed is a factor that must be considered

4. Cost

purchase cost and printing cost should be considered when choosing a proofing system. One of the main reasons why some other proofing methods, even the digital proofing method using inkjet technology, were not accepted by people in the past was its high cost, especially the purchase cost

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