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MWCS focuses on Mitsubishi Electric to travel across the sea to see you.

as a processing machine based on industry, new developments every year are hot spots in the industry. At the 2018 Industrial Expo, MWCS naturally attracted countless attention. During the three-day 2.1h, the audience was like a tide, and the Mitsubishi Electric booth was full of Gaopeng. Mitsubishi Electric shows a variety of production equipment with high precision, high efficiency, low energy consumption, support flexible processing and reduce production costs, and supports enterprises in equipment upgrading and manufacturing upgrading

carbon dioxide three-dimensional laser processing machine MLSF =3122vzxf

from Japan, it can be determined that the fault came here by air. Until one minute before the launch, this large-scale processing machine equipment was removed from the enclosure and revealed its true appearance. With super strong application technology and energy-saving technology, it can achieve bright cutting, effectively prevent abnormal combustion, and make processing more smooth. In terms of energy-saving technology, compared with 100 products, the new vzxf can shorten the time by 14% and reduce the operation cost by about 26% compared with the previous generation products, which greatly shortens the processing time and reduces the cost of machine operation for enterprises, meets the requirements of high productivity and realizes flexible production

fiber laser processing machine ml3015ex-f60

ml3015ex-f60 fiber laser processing machine adopts the latest beam control, so that the processing speed of carbon steel can be increased by 30%, the operating cost can be reduced by 28%, and the roughness of stainless steel cutting surface can be reduced by 30%. 16mm often needs to set the range to the maximum or "auto" mode, and the perforation time of thick carbon steel can be shortened by 80%. Using the latest processing technology, Even difficult materials can still be processed stably, which is truly excellent. The night mode, the automatic rise of z-axis at the beginning of the program, and the new cleaning technology can make the operators operate at ease. Easy adjustment of processing conditions, easy program and flexible control make the product really easy to use

wire cutting discharge machining machine mv1200s d-cubes

not only maintains the characteristics of high precision and high speed, but also introduces remote monitoring and remote diagnosis technology to assist b0.25 customers in the layout of IOT. By supporting energy conservation and production planning through visualization, the operation cost can be reduced to achieve a further ecology

during the exhibition, the Mitsubishi Electric Machine booth held five activities every day. Constant interaction and good gifts

Professional Commentators introduced products, answered technical questions, and promoted the meticulous and thoughtful technical services of Mitsubishi Electric while promoting products

the exchange area provides a place for in-depth negotiation, on-site consultation, on-site negotiation, on-site cooperation, everything is possible

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