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Murata mass produces high-precision high-frequency ultrasonic sensors

Murata production Institute has recently begun mass producing ma200d1 series high-frequency ultrasonic sensors, which are designed for distance measurement of close range robots, factory automation (FA) and household appliances

this series of sensors have the advantages of short ringing time and rapid response. The nominal working frequency band is 220khz ± 20kHz, and the sensitivity attenuation is increased from -20db proposed by experts in the previous products under the decisive role of the central government in lifting the market to -3db

ma200d1 series high frequency ultrasonic sensor also has 8 terminal boxes and 1 plug-in, which are suitable for scanners, copiers and ATMs,. The capacitance value of the sensor at 1kHz is 2300pf ± 20%, the insulation resistance is 100 megohm at 100VDC, and the working temperature range is -20 ℃ to 70 ℃

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