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Mycomm call center escorts the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China. As an important part of the development of quality inspection, quality inspection informatization is currently facing new situations and tasks. How to accurately grasp the basic contents of intelligent quality inspection Construction in five aspects: Internet thinking, intelligent supervision, big data decision-making, collaborative office, and cloud information service, and effectively enhance informatization work, It is an important task faced by the State Administration of quality supervision at present

new means of reform: Call Center

today, with the rapid development of informatization, with the continuous promotion of comprehensively deepening the reform, the quality inspection system is facing a series of new situations and new problems, such as the adjustment of management system, the reform of supervision mode, and the innovation of working mechanism. The original working means and methods are becoming more and more difficult to use and ineffective. There is an urgent need to apply new technologies, new means and new carriers to improve the macro management of quality, Innovate inspection and quarantine supervision and improve the public service level of quality inspection. Strengthening the informatization work will help to enhance the ability of the inspection and quarantine system to collect, analyze, process, disseminate and use information resources, promote the modernization of quality and safety management ability, and thus promote the reform and development of quality inspection

in recent years, the informatization level of inspection and quarantine ports has been further improved through the implementation of informatization projects such as the inspection and quarantine customs clearance project. In order to provide services to e-ciq users, e-ciq enterprise end users, e-business platform users, e-service platform users, CA certification system platform users and other inspection and quarantine business related users, and ensure the smooth operation of the customs clearance system, after all aspects of assessment, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China finally adopted the call center outsourcing method to provide the best service

four principles of call center

in this scheme, the outsourced call center follows the following four principles:

first, develop the same part of the interface, take advantage of the product advantages, strengthen the service quality

second, cover all points nationwide, provide on-site services

third, use advanced technology, upgrade infrastructure

fourth, optimize the service process, Guarantee operation and maintenance indicators "As a big country in production and use, five advantages of call center

in this scheme, the outsourced call center has the following five advantages:

first, the recovery of the international market, professional inspection and quarantine service team cooperation

second, professional customs clearance system technical team cooperation

third, realize the construction of voice Beijing Tianjin Intercity Railway using more than 2000 tons of polyurea waterproof; three years later, the full integration with data

fourth, realize low cost and large scale Capacity expansion

v Realize sitting office without geographical restrictions

mycomm call center

improve user experience

improve customer satisfaction

User panoramic information collection

improve operational efficiency

improve service quality

save human resources

save operating costs

establish corporate image

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