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Mwz1670 series automatic die-cutting machine

strict product name: mwz1670 series automatic die-cutting machine

one kind is linear temperature rise and fall speed (actually the average speed every 5 minutes) manufacturer: Qingdao Meiguang Machinery Co., Ltd.

product introduction: mwz1 670 series all 6. Accuracy of microcomputer software analysis data automatic die-cutting machine adopts servo motor leading-edge paper feeding system, the air volume of leading-edge paper feeding system is adjustable, and has side gauge positioning mechanism, High positioning accuracy. The die-cutting thickness is large, the precision is high, the pressure is balanced and stable, and the die-cutting structure without its mouth can realize the die-cutting without front waste edge and reduce the cost. The waste cleaning template adopts a central positioning system. The industry standard of waste cleaning template is more standardized and can be switched automatically. It has an automatic paper receiving system without stopping the machine. PLC program control, automatic fault detection and alarm, LCD touch screen to achieve man-machine dialogue, convenient and intuitive operation

information source: printing technology

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