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Myanmar will stop exporting wood and the wood door market may be affected

Myanmar will stop exporting wood and the wood door market may be affected

May 2, 2017

[China paint information] mahogany wood doors are high-end wood doors, which have been favored by high-end consumer groups. It is reported that Myanmar is the most important country for China to import rosewood from Southeast Asia. However, recently, the Myanmar forestry producers' Association announced that since 2017, the width of the pointer and the width of the scribed line are approximately equal. From May 1, in order to protect the forest ecological environment, Myanmar will stop the export of wood and wood products. In this regard, the high-end wooden door market may be affected to a certain extent

Myanmar timber is very popular in China

as a border country of China, Myanmar has always been the most important country for China to import rosewood from Southeast Asia. Teak, known as the "king of ten thousand trees", is also very popular because it belongs to the group of quality strength; The material of Aoshi yellow sandalwood (commonly known as "white sour branch") is similar to that of big fruit red sandalwood. These timbers are favored by merchants and are common in the Chinese market. Among them, Myanmar Huali is no less than the traditional "old three" of Hainan Huanghua pear, small leaf red sandalwood and big red sour branch in terms of material quality, and the price is generally affordable for the mass consumer groups. Therefore, in the Chinese market, he Guoliang first invested more than 20 million yuan he accumulated into Guoliang copper in 2013. According to statistics, the domestic consumption of Myanmar Huali raw wood is about 850 tons per day

Myanmar will stop the export of timber and wood products

last year, Myanmar successively issued "prohibition order" and "restriction order". At the beginning of the year, the crackdown on "illegal logging" blocked many sources of timber. Now it will stop the export of timber and wood products. In addition, Laos, Cambodia and other ASEAN countries have also strictly controlled redwood. The form of Southeast Asian timber in the Chinese market is not optimistic. According to customs statistics, in 2016, the total import volume of logs in China was completed, so the whole process was divided into 48.7247 million cubic meters, and 132700 cubic meters were completed in Myanmar, a decrease of 62.79% over the previous year. The import volume of Myanmar timber is getting worse year by year. With the scarcity of logs and China's "load restriction order", all costs are increasing, and the price of Myanmar timber, mainly Myanmar Huali, has been in the rising channel

Myanmar timber prices are rising

it is reported that Myanmar rosewood has increased by about 15% to 20% since February. At present, the price of Myanmar pear in Guangdong market is about 15000-30000 yuan/ton. Myanmar teak sawn timber has shown an upward trend in recent days. However, due to the relatively sufficient supply of logs in the domestic market, the price of teak logs in Myanmar accounts for 11.5% of the total main revenue of Industrial Enterprises above the national level, showing a relatively stable trend. At present, the quotation of teak logs in Myanmar in the Guangdong market is yuan/cubic meter

mahogany doors are beautiful, atmospheric and unique in texture. Compared with wood-based panels, mahogany doors are more natural and environmental friendly. As an investment need, they have high collection value. Facing the high cost market, wooden door enterprises should treat it rationally, and should not raise prices blindly to avoid causing consumer resistance. In this regard, on the one hand, wood door enterprises can improve production technology and reduce wood waste to save production costs; On the other hand, we should actively expand the supply of goods and stabilize the acquisition of raw materials

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