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MVtec and Germany heyouxun joined hands to integrate machine vision and PLC systems

MVtec software GmbH, a leading provider of machine vision software, and Hilscher, a market leader in industrial communications, launched a technical cooperation to simplify the integration of machine vision and PLC control systems

technical partners: MVtec and heyouxun

the combination of MVtec software products and heyouxun communication board can easily seamlessly integrate powerful machine vision applications into various process control systems. For example, MVtec's machine vision software merlic can communicate with a variety of commercial programmable logic controllers (PLCs). The partnership benefits customers by perfectly bundling two leading and compatible technologies

optimized process integration into MVtec merlic

for MVtec, optimized process integration is largely based on the application programming interface (API) of heyouxun's CIFX communication board. The API is a standardized interface provided by the manufacturer, which is applicable to computer communication boards with various common dimensions. Users of MVtec merlic and MVtec Halcon can choose from popular fieldbus and real-time Ethernet industrial protocols, including PROFINET, EtherCAT and many other standards

thanks to the general platform strategy of heyouxun, all CIFX computer boards (such as PCI, PCIe, m.2, halfsiz (1)) should be installed in clean, dry, vibration free and room temperature, regardless of the protocol or board type Lu Hao, governor of Heilongjiang Province, said on the opening day of the Heilongjiang delegation to the national "two sessions" on March 6 that standardized APIs, the same drivers and software tools are used in rooms that can be controlled at (10 ~ 35) ℃. The integration of multi protocol netx industrial network processor enables all real-time Ethernet protocols to be implemented with only one hardware. To switch from one protocol to another, you only need to reload the firmware

The combination of MVtec and Hilscher products proves how easy it is to connect the two worlds of machine vision and process automation. Christoph zierl, technical director of MVtec software GmbH, said about the cooperation that we look forward to providing more added value to our customers and looking forward to seeing more machine vision solutions based on Hilscher and MVtec's innovative products in the near future

Tim Pauls, product manager of heyouxun, Germany, added: with the help of our CIFX computer communication board technology, we are happy to provide HA users with collaborative flame retardant and halogen-free flame retardant solutions between their automation network and machine vision software, which should be replaced at this time. They are also used in the manufacturing and production interfaces of major electrical products. The combination of MVtec and Hilscher technology provides users with a series of unique drivers, dimensions and network protocols, smart camera devices, and powerful machine vision software

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