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The murder case of 26 years ago in Jilin Province was retried today. The man often talked in his sleep after being released.

the day before the court session, Liu Zhonglin left the gate of the Jilin Provincial High Court.

villager Yi said that he had dug up the female corpse here in the past.

Liu Zhonglin said that ten fingers left scars due to forced confession.

tomorrow morning, the Jilin Provincial High Court will reopen Liu Zhonglin's murder case. On January 26, the Beijing Youth Daily published a report on the retrial marathon, which exclusively revealed that as early as March 2012, the Jilin Provincial High Court made a retrial decision on the case, which has been delayed so far

In 1990, Liu Zhonglin of Huiyi Yijin village, Dongliao County, Liaoyuan city was charged with killing zhengdianrong, a man from the same village, and was later sentenced to justice and probation. According to the inquiry of Beijing Youth Daily, the most obvious gap in the case is the number of perpetrators. Liu Zhonglin confessed that one of them had committed the crime, but the last testimony of Zheng dianrong's deaf niece, who witnessed Zheng dianrong's disappearance, said that two masked people kidnapped Zheng dianrong. Zheng dianchen, the second brother of Zheng dianrong, said that over the years, the Zheng family never thought Liu Zhonglin was the murderer

in January this year, 48 year old Liu Zhonglin was released after serving his sentence. Three months later, he was not completely comfortable. He walked close to the wall and dared not talk to strangers. He had to dial the number on the paper when he called the law. Before the retrial, Liu Zhonglin took over an exclusive interview with Beijing Youth Daily and said that he hoped that the retrial court would return him to innocence and acquit him, "so...

who would have thought that the retrial had been delayed for four years

Beijing Youth Daily: what was your reaction when you received the retrial decision in 2012

liuzhonglin: it's just that the infection is fast. If you have a rush, you can make snow shine. I think I can have a trial in a month. Who would have thought that it took four years

Beijing Youth Daily: what's your expression after receiving the hearing

Liu Zhonglin: his expression is very different. I'm looking forward to it

Beiqing Daily: who told you

liuzhonglin: on April 18, my brother-in-law wangguizhen received a notice from the court to inform the court of the hearing. He was afraid that I was too impulsive to sleep, and didn't tell me at first. That day, my expression can provide unique marketing advantages, so he told me

Beiqing Daily: what about after I tell you

Liu Zhonglin: I can't sleep. If I fall asleep, I hope the court will open early. This time, unlike sleeping in prison before, I feel it's over after all

Beijing Youth Daily: Wang Guizhen said that after you were released from prison, he received several phone calls, and someone threatened to let you give up your representations

Liu Zhonglin: I've heard about it. He said his. I can't give up

Beiqing Daily: shocked and attacked

Liu Zhonglin: I'm not afraid. I just want to come out early and make it clear

Beijing Youth Daily: now the retrial is open, how do you hope to achieve

Liu Zhonglin: the greatest hope is to acquit me, so that I can stand upright. Those who have risked me should be rewarded and punished by the law. I ask for compensation for my loss, and I will pay whatever I lose

Beiqing Daily: what did you lose

Liu Zhonglin: too many falls. I was only 22 when I came out. My family is broken now. I have no home or job. The house and home are gone

Beiqing Daily: if you were not caught, what kind of life would you live

Liu Zhonglin: at least I have a home. I can have a family and children. I have nothing now. Nothing. Wherever you go, it's home

talk about trial and guilty

the action appealed, and the court did not have a second instance

Beiqing Daily: in this case, when someone was sent to handle the case, you had multiple transcripts admitting to murder. After entering the trial, you retracted your confession and didn't admit to killing. Pleading not guilty should be appealed. However, there is no information about your appeal or the second instance in the file. Have you ever appealed

Liu Zhonglin: after the first instance, when the verdict was made, I appealed to the clerk's action. But I didn't contact my family. I wrote three pieces of paper and gave it to the bundle. Later, I didn't know why there was no second instance

Beijing Youth Daily: why didn't a lawyer plead in court at the first instance

Liu Zhonglin: before the court session, the clerk asked me whether to invite a lawyer, and I said yes. Ask who to invite, I said let me kiss brother. The clerk said he couldn't get in touch. Later, I wanted to forget it, just pull it down, no please. The court did not assign me a lawyer to plead, and the court trial did not open

Beijing Youth Daily: are you worried that there is no lawyer in court

Liu Zhonglin: I'm not worried. The presiding judge asked me to tell the truth about the murder. I said I didn't kill anyone

Beiqing Daily: how do you defend yourself

liuzhonglin: I said that the case handlers beat me. Wearing bamboo sticks, all said, the court will not take. They said, you show evidence to prove your injustice, and I said I can't show evidence

Beijing Youth Daily: once the trial concludes, you will concentrate on killing, and the justice will be suspended. When the message arrives, do you take it

Liu Zhonglin: not convinced. I didn't sign the verdict when it was delivered. A year later, the ruling of the provincial high court approving the death sentence with a reprieve also went up, and I didn't sign it. Uneven

talk about prison representations

less literacy, turn to the dictionary and write a statement

Beiqing Daily: have you ever written a statement in prison

Liu Zhonglin: after granting a reprieve, I went to Changchun Tiebei prison. I'll shout injustice, how to force, how to fight, and write my own statement. I have only studied for two years and am not familiar with a few words. Some words can't be written, so I turn to the dictionary

Beijing Youth Daily: is there any result of the complaint

Liu Zhonglin: nothing

Beijing Youth Daily: what's your attitude after you go to prison

Liu Zhonglin: in a word: injustice. I'm not guilty. I won't do what I'm asked to do. The prison guard was angry and turned me down. I was still like that when I came out. Sometimes it's closed for three days, sometimes it's closed for ten days and eight days, and the longest one has been closed for half a year. Later, the prison changed a management method for me, just do it or leave it to me. Sometimes I get angry and sleep with my head covered

Beiqing Daily: have you ever cried in prison

Liu Zhonglin: cried. I thought deeply about the case, and there was no sign of it. I looked forward to it day and night, and there was no sign of it. I also cried when the judge of Jilin High Court brought me up for trial. I thought someone would take care of me

Beiqing Daily: outside the prison, did anyone persuade you to confess

liuzhonglin: someone persuaded me. I never recognized it. As I pleaded, the prison sentence was reduced. It has been closed for more than 25 years

Beiqing Daily: the complaint has no results. Have you been pessimistic

liuzhonglin: I want to commit suicide. When I was in Tiebei prison, I worked through labor and the machinery had electricity. I wanted to put my head out and electrocute myself, so that others could hold me

Beiqing Daily: when was the first time someone came to see you in the custody and prison

Liu Zhonglin: after entering Tiebei prison, my aunt and uncle came to see me. The theme of the new year's Eve was "military civilian integration and the development trend of new military materials for 2025", probably in 1997. My brother has been here twice since

Beiqing Daily: when did you first see the lawyer

liuzhonglin: around 2009, the lawyer invited by my brother-in-law wangguizhen met me in Jilin prison and exchanged information with me. I feel hopeful that someone will speak for me after all. After that, there will be no motive for suicide. In 2010, he hired another lawyer to photograph me. Pat my hands and feet. At that time, my thumb of my right foot fell off, and my ten fingers, fingernails necrosis, palm bending

Beiqing Daily: are there many heavenly sons in prison

Liu Zhonglin: first, count. Later, it will not be counted. It's too long to muddle through. A little want to give up. But every time my cousin came, he told me not to give up, saying that he didn't give up. So I stood up

about the trial

after being arrested, I didn't identify the "crime" Scene

Beiqing Daily: How did I cut off my toes

Liu Zhonglin: it was cut during his sentence in Tiebei prison. At that time, the toe was festering and infected, and the whole foot was swollen. The prison placed it for amputation. The foot finger was broken with an iron bar when the case was handled by the police in 1990. Most of the diseases came out at that time. When it didn't happen, there was nothing wrong with the body

Beiqing Daily: do you remember how the police tried you after you were arrested

liuzhonglin: in the county bureau, the case handling officer asked me how to kill people, and I said I didn't kill them. A messenger stabbed my right thumb with a bamboo stick. It hurts. I said I killed it. Ask me how to kill, I said take a kitchen knife. He said no and pricked his second finger. I said to use a sharp knife. It's not right. I stabbed it again. Finally, I pricked my ten fingers in three days

Beiqing Daily: you mentioned in some confession materials that you had a tool with Zheng dianrong? Have you ever had sex

liuzhonglin: never been around, "revealed chunsi puye, head of the technology business department of the company's Japan innovation center. I didn't pull my hand. She and I are neighbors. A village, separated by hundreds of meters. I've never killed anyone, and I don't know how she died. I don't know whether she is pregnant or not. When I was on trial, I asked if I knew she was pregnant. I said I didn't know. Then hit me and I'll say I know. Ask me how many months I have been pregnant. I said four weeks. Not right. The poor man said he had been alive for 21 weeks

Beiqing Daily: how many days have you been in custody since you were caught

Liu Zhonglin: it took 10 days to put him in custody

Beijing Youth Daily: have you identified the crime scene and the crime things after the police arrested you

Liu Zhonglin: none

Beiqing Daily: haven't you ever returned to Huiyi Yijin village after being caught

Liu Zhonglin: the first time he returned was at the end of January this year, after he was released from prison. It was always closed before, not once

Beiqing Daily: do you still remember what happened on the day when Zheng dianrong disappeared in 1989

Liu Zhonglin: I can't remember. I only remember that after she lost it, the villagers helped find it for two days, but they couldn't find it. Lao Zheng's family also helped to find someone to provide food for two days. I also helped find it and ate at his house

after getting out of prison

walking against the wall and refusing to talk to strangers

Beiqing Daily: who picked you up on the day of getting out of prison

Liu Zhonglin: on January 22, it was very cold. My second sister and nephew drove to pick me up. After seeing me, the second sister couldn't recognize my appearance and asked me if I was Liu Zhonglin. Then she cried. I told my second sister: don't cry, wait for me to cry again

Beiqing Daily: it has been more than 3 months since I was released from prison. Do you adapt to life outside

Liu Zhonglin: I have been unable to adapt. Where to stay, in the crowd, I feel low and can't start. Because I'm still a murderer, and I've just come out of prison. Although others didn't say anything, they didn't feel good about going to other people. I'm not very good at using it. Take a pen and paper with you. Give me the number, and I'll write it on the paper. I'll dial the phone according to the number. I can't read the address book, send text messages or use it. I didn't have it when I was caught. Watching TV, I can't use the remote control, only the switch of the old TV. I don't watch TV dramas at all. I only watch old stories, point of view programs. I haven't seen beer cans or computers before, and I still don't know how to surf the Internet. For more than 20 years, I've been locked up silly, and I don't know anything when I come out

Beijing Youth Daily: did you sleep well at night

Liu Zhonglin: my cousin and brother-in-law told me

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