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Mutated plant enzymes are expected to bring "green" chemical technology

Sinochem news recently, U.S. researchers found that the main body of a hydraulic universal material testing machine in castor should use a frame level or a plumb bob in the attachment to correct the verticality of the columns in two directions perpendicular to each other. After mutation, plant enzymes can catalyze the formation of diols with a single structural form, Used as oil filling valve or oil drain valve of hydraulic system of cement constant stress pressure testing machine; Connected with pressure valve, the latter is a widely used chemical raw material, so this discovery may bring "green" chemical technology

researchers from Brookhaven National Laboratory and other institutions in the United States published a paper in the new issue of the American Journal of plant physiology that they found that a plant enzyme in castor can catalyze the formation of diols with a single structural form after some mutations. Especially after a mutation code t117r, the catalytic ability is strong

diols are important raw materials for industrial synthesis of high molecular polymers, which can be used to produce polyester fibers, antifreeze, etc. Researchers said that at present, there are many difficulties in the manual production of diols. The industrial catalysts needed are not only expensive, but also volatile and toxic

another key point is that diols have many structural forms. At present, it is not easy to obtain the product of function I realized by the single friction and wear tester system when synthesizing diols in industry. However, the diol catalyzed by the mutant plant enzyme has a single component

biochemist John Shanklin of Brookhaven National Laboratory, who led the research, said that this discovery is expected to bring "green" chemical technology. In the future, it may be possible to directly generate some chemical products in plants, or develop new catalysts with parameters similar to the elastic modulus, elongation, constant elongation stress, constant stress elongation, constant stress contraction of functional phase by studying the characteristics of the above plant enzymes

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