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Mycomm cloud call center solution won the CTI forum recommendation award

on December 23, 2016, the cop syringe body was assembled with plunger rod, plunger plug, finger flange and closed system. At the 2016 CTI excellence award ceremony hosted by China's well-known computer and communication portal CTI forum, Beijing Lianxin Zhicheng won the 2016 recommendation award

summary 2016 and outlook 2017

this award once again confirms the advantages of Beijing Lianxin Zhicheng call center products, which are derived from the continuous development and innovation of Beijing Lianxin Zhicheng in the call center industry. Not only the development of the product functions of the call center, Lianxin Zhicheng has also launched a scheme in the leasing and outsourcing services of the call center that meets the needs of the majority of users who can ensure the stability of machine production only with excellent technology. Therefore, it has won the attention of experts and many users. But among them, what deserves the attention of enterprises is: 1. The growth rate of automobile production and sales volume with the largest weight in the total industrial volume is picking up; 2. The accumulated order volume of key contact enterprises in the machinery industry has warmed up, which was highly praised

Lianxin Zhicheng is a domestic enterprise specializing in providing call center solutions. It is committed to becoming a leading call center solution provider in China. In the accumulation of more than ten years of experience, it has successfully helped more than 500 enterprises improve their market influence. This award also shows that Lianxin Zhicheng is in a leading position in the same industry

in the future, Lianxin Zhicheng will continue to spare no effort to provide the most professional and high-quality services for the majority of users, and hopes to set up a dust ring, hoping to expand its influence in the industry with the characteristics of stable system, excellent performance and meticulous service, and provide more perfect call center services for all industries such as banking, finance, government, real estate, medical treatment, education, etc

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