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The large-scale exhibition greenhouse in Chongqing adopts glass fiber reinforced plastic cover

which is known as the most advanced and modern exhibition greenhouse in the country. The exhibition greenhouse with the second largest exhibition area in the country, with more than 2500 kinds of rare plants from home and abroad, will open the eyes of citizens. Nanshan botanical garden exhibition greenhouse is one of the landmark buildings of Chongqing's basic cultural facilities, with a total construction area of more than 7400 square meters, and the proportion of exports to emerging countries will also be greatly increased. The total investment is 240million yuan. It is divided into four functional exhibition areas: tropical rainforest plant area, Four Seasons flower area, succulent and pulpy hall and subalpine plant area, bringing together rare plants from home and abroad. One of the elephant legged trees from Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province originally passed ADDA. When a was used, it did not need to tear open the packaging bag DDS. A ddc3 address decoding was used to select which route was priced at more than 3 million yuan. The director of the Municipal Bureau of landscape architecture personally went to Xishuangbanna to "bargain", and finally paid more than 1 million yuan. Another beer tree from Australia, worth $200000. According to experts, the main body of the exhibition greenhouse is composed of more than 20000 seamless steel tubes, which are covered with fiberglass. From a distance, it looks like the bird's nest, and the technical requirements exceed the "bird's nest". In addition, the greenhouse is equipped with air conditioning and spray system, which is between 16~32 degrees Celsius all year round, so as to make rare plants grow in the original ecological environment as much as possible

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