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Successful development of large-size high-temperature ceramic filter tube

the achievement of "development of high-temperature gas-solid separation ceramic filter tube and its repeated use as required" jointly completed by Hainan University, Tsinghua University and other units, has recently passed the expert group appraisal in Yixing, Jiangsu Province. The high-end of the electronic universal experimental machine with high-end configuration is mainly reflected in the high-precision photoelectric encoder. The results have the characteristics of high filtration precision, large ventilation capacity, not easy to block, easy to clean, low cost, etc., filling the technical gap in China's large-size high-temperature ceramic filter pieces, and providing a solid material support for the important strategic opportunity field in which China's high-temperature gas-solid separation is still in development, It breaks the previous situation that China's ceramic filter tubes in high temperature and high pressure filters need to rely on foreign imports, and the price is only half of that of German tubes. The power of the president will be expanded through constitutional amendment; And he hopes to serve as president for two terms for a total of 10 years

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