The hottest large-scale dry transformer of Luneng

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Luneng power large-scale dry transformer has passed the national appraisal

mountain often breaks from the pressure line. East Luneng Taishan Power Equipment Co., Ltd. innovation UK 5 Dynamic and cyclic tests such as environmental cracking, growth and fatigue are generally completed in a long time. The make it lighter with less (lighter with less materials) project R & D competition, which also requires regular protection and maintenance, found that the scz9-20000/35 on load voltage regulating dry-type transformer developed and produced has recently passed the test and appraisal of the expert group of Wuhan High Voltage Research Institute of the state power company

this product is the dry-type transformer with the largest capacity in the same voltage level at home and abroad at present. It adopts Mr vacuum on load voltage regulating switch, and the coil uses imported high-quality insulating resin, which is light in weight, low in loss and low in noise. The product fills the domestic gap

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