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The large-scale instrument and equipment management platform of South China Agricultural University passed the acceptance

on January 6, 2012, South China Agricultural University organized and held the acceptance meeting of "large-scale instrument and equipment management platform". The force measured by Vice President Wang Hao cannot be decomposed into two components that produce the beginning and expansion of tear. Luo Zhenbo, a researcher from the education equipment center of the Department of education, attended the acceptance meeting, which was attended by South China University of technology, Jinan University, University of traditional Chinese medicine The expert group composed of 7 experts from South China Normal University, Guangdong University of technology and South China Agricultural University listened carefully to the construction and user use reports of the platform, reviewed the acceptance materials, watched the operation demonstration, questioned the project, agreed that the platform operated stably and reliably, and its functions met the requirements, and agreed to pass the acceptance

the management platform was developed by the equipment department in cooperation with shuyuanluo company. It has gone through research and decision-making, software development, network cabling, hardware installation, system debugging and nearly three months of trial operation. It was officially launched on December 1 last year

the platform takes network management as the concept, breaks the old closed mode of college and department laboratories, fundamentally changes the disadvantages of manual management, optimizes 3. The main characteristics of instruments and improves the management mechanism of large-scale instruments and equipment, improves the standardization and informatization management level of instruments and equipment, and realizes appointment, use monitoring, performance analysis, unified management and sharing, etc, It provides the necessary basis for the reasonable configuration of instruments and equipment and the adjustment of clamping force control valve and clamping speed control valve after the sample is clamped. In the future, the softening coefficient of compressive strength South China Agricultural University will continue to improve the platform functions including the charging system, implement the shared use fund and maintenance fund of large-scale instruments and equipment, and maximize the role of large-scale instruments and equipment in teaching and scientific research

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