The hottest large-scale wind power gearbox project

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Large wind power gearbox project received 5.4 million subsidies

Dongli transmission (002164 material is rigid solid) announced the relevant situation of the "large wind power gearbox project" receiving national subsidy funds. On September 3, the company received documents from the Ningbo Municipal Development and Reform Commission and the Ningbo Municipal Economic Commission. Ningbo Dongli machinery, a wholly-owned subsidiary, repaid the shareholder Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.'s "large wind power gearbox project" with better deeds, and received an investment subsidy of 5.4 million yuan in the central budget. This fund will be mainly used for R & D investment in the "large wind power gearbox project" and the purchase of relevant production equipment. The hybrid company with the two functions of experimental machine control and data processing will be recognized as deferred income. As of September 3, 2009, Dongli transmission has not received this subsidy fund

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