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The largest arms transaction between China and Russia has been exposed! The location of deployment made the United States and Japan instantly chilling

recently, reports between China and Russia on S400 air defense missiles have been appearing from time to time. It is reported that China will become the first country to acquire S400 missiles after Russia. Before, China and Russia have not said at the official level that these negotiations exist. However, recently, Russian media reported that Russia is preparing to negotiate with China, In the future, China will export S-400 "triumph" air defense missile systems to China in a big deal. China will purchase S400 air defense missiles from Russia that can be equipped with six missile battalions, with a contract amount of about $3billion. This is also the largest arms sales cooperation signed by China and Russia since the beginning of the 21st century. If the contract is signed, Russia will provide China with the first batch of S-400 air defense missile systems in the next 18 months, At present, Russia is in batch service with this new missile. If China has this missile system, it will enable China to have super Air Defense Firepower Strike ability, which will not only fill the gap in China's ultra long-range air defense field to a greater extent, but also make blow molding machine one of the largest categories of commercial deficit in the national plastic machine market. China has more air defense strike means

s-400 "triumph" is Russia's fourth and new generation medium and long-range air defense system. It can be described as an updated product of s-300pmu-1/2 missile, which has been comprehensively improved in hit accuracy, guidance mode and informatization level. In terms of combat capability, each system can simultaneously launch 72 missiles against 36 targets within 400 kilometers, that is to say, it has the ability to resist saturation attack, and is the longest range ground to air missile system in the world. Compared with the s-300pmu1/2 series, its performance is greatly improved, and it can effectively attack all kinds of targets from ultra-low altitude to high altitude. Under the conditions of firepower and electronic countermeasures, the system can ensure the destruction of any air target with a maximum flight speed of 4800 meters/second (Mach 4) within 400 kilometers. Therefore, the system is known as the world's most advanced air defense missile system. So why should China purchase such missiles? For China, there are three places that trigger the desire to purchase the S-400: first, the system is equipped with 40n6 missiles with a range of more than 400 kilometers, which is known as the longest range of surface to air missiles today; Second, equipped with 9m domestic modified plastic industry with directional blasting killing function, the 96e2 medium and short-range missile has developed rapidly, and its lethality to the target has been greatly improved compared with that of the previous generation; Third, it has strong anti-jamming performance, especially the meter wave radar with strong anti stealth ability, which is the first radar used to resist stealth targets in the world

China may be most concerned about the last item, that is, a meter wave digital phased array radar equipped with the system, which is the only meter wave radar used for ground to air missile systems in the world today. It is believed that it can detect stealth targets with RCS less than 0.0065 square meters 600 kilometers away. Because of this huge advantage, China may consider using it to deal with the most advanced fourth generation stealth fighters F-22 and F-35 of the U.S. military. These two fighters are being gradually deployed around China, and the threat is growing. In addition, there may be the following reasons for China's introduction of the S-400: first, it can realize the replacement of troops as soon as possible, solve the problem of insufficient domestic production capacity, and also speed up the replacement of old air defense missiles, so as to deal with the threat of more and more modern fighters from surrounding countries. The second is to provide reference and reference for the domestic research and development of the next generation of air defense missiles, which can speed up the research and development and equipment pace of China's new generation of air defense missiles to a certain extent. Third, from the result introduction to the process optimization, although China is the most advanced in the world in terms of anti stealth radar, it is not good in terms of strike means. Only after China deployed the S-400 can China have the means of both detection and attack in dealing with stealth aircraft, so that it can truly have no return. Some experts said that the S-400 will rapidly improve the air defense and antimissile capability of the Chinese army, help to build a multi-level air defense system, and the anti stealth combat capability will be further improved

it is said that in this procurement activity, China put forward a "tailor-made" requirement to Russia, hoping that Russia will produce this batch of products according to China's special requirements, and add some subsystems or special components produced by China to the S-400. There may be two considerations. One is that China has mastered some mature technologies in the fourth generation air defense missile system, but Russia has not yet. China hopes to implant these Chinese proprietary technologies, especially microelectronics, into Russian made weapons, which can make the performance of the S-400 higher and fully meet China's special needs to deal with the enemy's fourth generation fighters. On the other hand, the "Chinese version" S-400, built with Chinese proprietary technology, can be smoothly connected to the C4ISR system and data link system of the Chinese military, and can be timely integrated into the combat system of the Chinese military after delivery by Russia, which can quickly form combat effectiveness

according to the analysis, the biggest consideration for China to purchase S-400 is to deploy it on the southern islands. Now, several islands that China is expanding are coming to an end, and the large naval base built on Hainan Island is also preparing for the entry of China's strategic nuclear submarines and domestic aircraft carriers. Therefore, this sea area will become the center for the future power projection of the Chinese navy. However, the air safety in this region has always been the biggest weakness of China's air defense, especially after so many killer maces are densely deployed to the Hainan base, this deficiency will be more significant, which may also be related to China's insistence on expanding the relevant islands and reefs in spite of great international resistance. When China withstands international pressure to complete the construction of the islands, it will not only deploy air superiority warplanes such as j-11bh, j-10b, early warning aircraft air police-500, bomber h-6k, anti submarine patrol aircraft air submarine-200 and other models on the upper part of the islands, but also deploy an air defense system with echelon deployment on the upper part of the islands, and the S-400 introduced from Russia will undoubtedly become the backbone

it is likely that the S-400 of the six battalions introduced this time will be deployed in the direction of relevant islands and reefs, except for one in Beijing Tianjin and one in the direction of the East China Sea. It is speculated that the layout may be as follows. China will deploy at least two sets on the islands and reefs under construction, one on Hainan Island, and the last one in the direction of Shanwei, Guangdong Province. In this way, the long-range air defense and antimissile system consisting of four s-400s can fully cover about 90% of the sea and air area of the islands and reefs. Any slow passengers who want to invade China's nuclear submarines and aircraft carrier bases will be under the control of China's air defense missiles. This air defense network, together with land-based warplanes deployed synchronously on each island, will provide complete air protection for China's strategic mace, so that they can safely rush out of the island chain and sail to the preset positions in the oceans. Another thing that must be mentioned is that when the above deployment is in place, China may immediately look for an opportunity to announce the establishment of the long-awaited Southern Air Defense Identification Zone, so as to set up security in front of its own home, which will complement the last fence of a world power for its own security. When this dream comes true, China's dignity as a great power and the "Chinese dream" will have the most reliable guarantee. Therefore, once the S400 enters China and is deployed in the eastern and southern regions, it will undoubtedly make China more powerful against the United States and Japan, and fully have the ability to kill the US Japan air combat aircraft before entering China's waters and airspace

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