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The construction of large venues for the Beijing Olympic Games was recorded in Dalian

the construction of large venues for the Beijing Olympic Games was recorded in Dalian

December 15, 2006

he put on "fireproof clothes" for the "bird's nest"

in 2000, Tian Jichun was introduced by the Dalian Personnel Bureau as a senior management talent, and was appointed as the general manager by Dalian Fujia building materials Co., Ltd, At present, the fire-proof building materials Co., Ltd. under his management has developed into one of the largest professional manufacturers of fire-proof coatings in China. China National Stadium (commonly known as "bird's nest"), the main stadium of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, is the largest single steel structure in the world. 1. At present, the positive deviation of the indication exceeds the tolerance. The latter can not guarantee the synchronization of the transmission, which affects the experimental results. It has a total of three layers of "coats". Tian Jichun, general manager of Dalian Fujia building materials Co., Ltd., said in an interview yesterday that the three layers of "clothes" are all made by Dalian people, and the innermost layer is used for corrosion prevention; The outermost layer is decorative; What his enterprise contributed to the Olympic "bird's nest" is the middle layer - fire retardant coating, which has been applied to the "bird's nest" construction site since September this year

experienced thousands of simulated fire tests

in 2000, Tian Jichun was introduced by Dalian Personnel Bureau as a senior management talent, and was appointed as the general manager of Dalian Fujia building materials Co., Ltd. After Tian Jichun came to Dalian, Dalian Fujia fire retardant building materials company soon developed from an unknown small paint factory to a leader in the same industry in Liaoning Province, and became one of the largest professional manufacturers of fire retardant coatings in the country. Former mayor Bo Xilai once praised Fujia paint as the "beautician of urban construction" in Dalian

Tian Jichun said that the fatal weakness of steel structure is the fear of fire and high temperature, so he led enterprise researchers to start the arduous journey of developing enterprise owned steel structure fire protection materials. In more than two years of research, he and the researchers of the research group collected hundreds of raw materials for optimal combination, carried out thousands of simulated fire tests, and went to Dalian Institute of physics and chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Fire Research Institute of the Ministry of public security of Dalian University of technology and other units for teaching and learning dozens of times. After more than two years of hundreds of tests day and night for thousands of times, the domestic steel structure fire retardant coating with independent intellectual property rights has finally been successfully developed. On September 20, 2004, in the laboratory of the fire detection center of the Ministry of public security, the steel structure fireproof coating components independently developed by Dalian Fujia fireproof building materials company carried dozens of tons of simulated load and withstood the fire test for 4 hours at a high temperature of 1200 degrees Celsius! In other words, the fire resistance time of Fujia brand fire retardant coating is up to 4 hours, while the fire resistance time of similar products in the United States, Germany, Japan and other countries has only reached 3 hours

won the bid for the 2008 Olympic "bird's nest" project

in 2004, the construction of the China National Stadium (Bird's Nest), the main venue of the Beijing Olympic Games, which attracted worldwide attention, began. In view of the special structure and super large construction scale of the bird's nest project, the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee, together with the engineering design and general contracting units, put forward clear requirements for the fire protection materials and engineering construction of the "bird's nest" steel structure: 1. Based on the national industry, domestic materials should be selected as far as possible on the premise of meeting the engineering design requirements; 2. In order to be clear, the material supplier must also be the construction unit; 3. The fire resistance rating of the steel structure of the "bird's nest" should exceed the standard design. The fire resistance limit and various physical and chemical performance indexes of the refractory materials used in the project should not only meet the national standards, but also meet the special needs of the "bird's nest" design; 4. The project quality should achieve Beijing Great Wall Cup and national Luban Award

in the face of the world's largest single building project, in the face of ultra-standard design and special construction process requirements, and in the face of fierce competition from more than 300 peers at home and abroad, the decision-making team of Fujia company launched a fierce discussion. Most people think that the "bird's nest" project exceeds the standard design, the technical process is very complex, the project progress and quality requirements are very strict, and the competition between domestic and foreign peers is very fierce. It is too risky to participate in this project. As a small enterprise far away from Beijing, it is better not to take this risk! Everyone has different opinions, and it is difficult to unify their opinions. Tian Jichun believes that participating in the construction of the Olympic project, if successful, is equivalent to climbing Mount Everest in the field of fire-proof materials in the world! If it is not successful, it will also be a test and improvement for enterprises and products! " So he quickly organized a capable project team and immediately participated in the bidding of the "bird's nest" project

after more than half a year of efforts, the product technology, engineering construction scheme and engineering simulation sample block provided by Fujia company have been unanimously praised by the expert group of the Olympic Organizing Committee, stood out from more than 300 domestic and foreign competitors, and was shortlisted in the top 10 at one fell swoop. The final elimination system is still implemented in the second and third rounds, that is, the expert group of the Olympic Organizing Committee submitted the products of the 10 enterprises shortlisted in the first round to the fire protection material testing authority of China - the fire protection testing center of the Ministry of public security to test their fire resistance. FUJIA's products ranked in the top five with excellent fire resistance indicators. Then enter the third round, BOCOG experts No. 7. The transmission system inspection (electromechanical brush) group of rubber electronic universal testing machine will submit the products of the top five enterprises to the National Chemical Building Materials Testing Center for physical and chemical performance re inspection. Three enterprises will be eliminated, leaving two enterprises as the bid winning candidates, and Fujia company is one of the two bid winning candidates. Finally, the expert group of the Olympic Organizing Committee submitted the last two bid winning candidates to the bid evaluation committee for comprehensive evaluation. With excellent product technical performance, scientific and rigorous engineering construction scheme and economic and reasonable engineering quotation, Dalian Fujia company finally obtained the qualification of the only supplier and construction unit of fire retardant coating for steel structure of "bird's nest" project

on August 15, 2006, Dalian Fujia company officially won the bid, and on August 18, Tian Jichun formally signed a contract with the general contractor of "bird's nest" on behalf of the enterprise. At present, the "bird's nest" project has been completed, and peek filler can be used for up to 30% of the three-year process. It is expected to be completed by the end of June 2007. Previously, the fire retardant coating produced by Fujia company has been used in landmark projects such as Zhongnanhai, Beijing Asian Games Village and Dalian 300000 ton Ore Wharf

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