The hottest large-size LCD panel was oversupplied

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Large size LCD panels were oversupplied in the first half of 2013

according to the latest report of global insight (IHS), the supply of large-size LCD panels used in the television and information technology (it) industries at the end of the first half of the year was oversupplied because the production volume exceeded the shipment volume. In the first six months of this year, a total of 47.7 million square meters of LCD panels for TV and public information displays were produced worldwide. However, the total shipment volume is only 46.8 million square meters. The market research company said that this means that the output of TV panels exceeds the shipment volume by 2%

at the same time, 18.4 million square meters of LCD panels are produced at the same time as monitors, laptops and tablets, which together constitute the IT industry. The shipment volume is also less than 18million square meters, which is similar to the situation of the television industry, so the output of it panels increased by 2.6% compared with the shipment volume

the market for large-size LCD panels suffered from sluggish demand in the first half of 2013, mainly due to its poor sales performance in China, the world's largest LCD TV market. Rickypark, senior manager of IHS large-size displays, said that in short, although there are a series of festivals, including Spring Festival and labor day, plus the Subsidy Plan of the Chinese government in May can stimulate new consumers to buy and release the final advertising films before the end, TV manufacturers have indicated that they are still unable to generate economic growth in the first half of the year

in the field of it panels, the same sluggish demand is evidence. Consumers and enterprises unanimously say that they are unlikely to buy new monitors or laptops. Park pointed out that relatively speaking, some devices such as smart and tablet computers will be the first choice. They are purchased because of their attractive appearance and ease of use. The LCD panel brings vivid and clear vision with lifelike color restoration and ultra fast response speed. The most easily damaged equipment generally includes experience as its advantage. By carrying 56iq multimedia information publishing system, social media is introduced into digital large screen interaction, which is believed to open a new situation

during the first half of the year, considering the sluggish demand, panel manufacturers reduced their absolute utilization rate to 79%, 5% lower than the average record in the second half of 2012. However, deliberately reducing absolute utilization is not enough to avoid an increase in accrued panel inventory. The cumulative reserve of TV panels reached 8.7 million square meters, with a year-on-year increase of 38.5% and a year-on-year increase of 12% since H2 last year. For it panels, this figure is 2.9 trillion square meters, an increase of 19%

within the four alternative time ranges of power on test, power-off test, power-on test cycle after power-on test cycle, and power-on test cycle after power-off test cycle, the sluggish demand and high inventory in the first half of the year led to the decline in panel prices. The price of 32 inch HD, 60 Hz TV panel cutouts in gas rich areas fell by 7.5%, while its battery panels fell by about 4%

the current excessive inventory level indicates that the rest of the year will be severe. Alexkang, a senior analyst of global perspective large-size display, said that in Q3 and the second half of the year, the output will again exceed the delivery volume, and it is expected that the first half of the year will be negatively affected by excess inventory

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