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Recently, the signing ceremony of the PPP project of the second Hanjiang Bridge in Shayang County and the ring section of g348 national highway was held in the Taifu central China Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park. The signing of this project marks the success of Taifu in entering a new field of municipal bridge construction, opening up the water, land and Railway intermodal transport is a new market for large infrastructure construction

Taifu heavy equipment Co., Ltd. won the order in 2018. "He is specialized in the research of motor sub products; David Kim is the technical assistant of Mattrick's computing and manufacturing team; Ryan Hayward is a senior professor of science and engineering at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. He made a good start"

xumingquan, director of Shayang County transportation investment management center, director of Shayang County Hanjiang Second Bridge Project Management Co., Ltd., and deputy general manager of Taifu Construction Engineering Co., Ltd Huzhenbang, director and general manager of Shayang Hanjiang Erqiao Project Management Co., Ltd., signed on behalf of both parties

the second Hanjiang River bridge constructed by Taifu heavy equipment Co., Ltd. is 3.996km long and 24.5m wide; The ring road section of g348 national highway has a total length of 15.228km and a subgrade width of 24.5m. It is constructed according to the standard of two-way four lane class I highway. The preparation process of graphene high molecular composite material is relatively simple. After completion, it will greatly optimize the structure of the national and provincial trunk lines in Shayang County and promote the common prosperity of the economy on both sides of the Han River

yangmengfu, member of the Standing Committee of Shayang County Party committee and executive deputy county head, wuchuanbin, deputy county head, chenweiguo, vice chairman of the county CPPCC, qiaobaolin, director of the County Transportation Bureau, Zhang Jian, vice president of Taifu heavy equipment group and chairman of Shayang Hanjiang Erqiao Project Management Co., Ltd., Jiang Biao, general manager of Taifu heavy industry (Shayang), zhuxiaoyong, deputy general manager of the group's marketing management center, Linqiang and others witnessed the signing

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