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The achievements of the synthetic rubber industry in the past 60 years are remarkable.

the picture shows zhaojungui and other award-winning representatives presenting medals.

this year marks the 60th anniversary of China's synthetic rubber industrialization. On September 6, the 60th anniversary of China's synthetic rubber industrialization and the 23rd annual meeting of China's Synthetic Rubber Industry Association, sponsored by China Synthetic Rubber Industry Association, were held in Beijing. The meeting pointed out that over the past 60 years, China's synthetic rubber industry has grown from scratch, from small to large, and made remarkable achievements. At present, China has become a big country in the world's synthetic rubber industry and is striding towards becoming a powerful country. The main task of the industry in the future is to achieve high-quality development

at the meeting, the leaders of the Ministry of industry and information technology and the national development and Reform Commission fully affirmed the achievements of China's synthetic rubber industry in the past 60 years. At present, the production capacity, output and consumption of synthetic rubber plants in China with low thermal conductivity rank first in the world. The main varieties of synthetic rubber are complete. The field of synthetic rubber has won nearly 20 awards including national technological invention, scientific and technological progress and natural science. The synthetic rubber technology and main raw materials used by Badong can be industrialized with its own technology. The production technology of some general varieties is relatively mature, the economic and technical indicators are equivalent to those of foreign countries, and the thermoplastic elastomer SBC is at the world advanced level

zhaojungui, vice president and Secretary General of China Federation of petroleum and chemical industries, said that with the Jinan gold assay experimental machine fixture being the most frequently used on the machine 3. Experimental motor: the excellent electronic universal experimental motor adopts the exchange of servo speed control system components in the course of China's reform and opening up, China's synthetic rubber industry has grown from scratch, from small to large, from weak to strong, and the main varieties are becoming more and more complete, The ability of independent innovation has been continuously enhanced, the level of green development has been continuously improved, the competitiveness and influence in the international market have been increasingly enhanced, and a solid step has been taken towards becoming a powerful country in synthetic rubber

liangaimin, President of China Synthetic Rubber Industry Association, pointed out that the 60 year development history of China's synthetic rubber industry includes several important stages: first, industrialized production was realized in 1958, which opened the curtain of China's synthetic rubber industrialization; Followed by 20 years of steady development, it experienced a national key problem tackling battle and realized the industrialization of many varieties; In the next 25 years, there was a trend of technology introduction, digestion, absorption, re innovation and independent research and development, with rapid growth in product varieties and output; In the following 10 years, it ushered in productivity blowout growth; In the past five years, the company is experiencing a painful period of declining profits, accelerated mergers and acquisitions and industrial upgrading, and this process is expected to continue

talking about the future development, gongguangbi, vice president of China Synthetic Rubber Industry Association, analyzed that there are 58 general synthetic rubber production plants in China. In the future, the industrial concentration will be further improved and they will fully participate in the global market competition, which puts forward higher requirements for the innovation ability and environmental protection level of enterprises, and will promote enterprises to pay more attention to the production process and product quality control; In the context of structural overcapacity, it is a major trend to develop high-performance customized product brands; The market will force synthetic rubber enterprises to establish strategic alliances with downstream enterprises, extend and improve the industrial chain to cope with the impact of raw material sources and price instability; Enterprises will pay more attention to brand building and basic research, and strive to reserve a number of advanced technologies

at the meeting, zhangliqun, a professor of Beijing University of chemical technology, was specially appointed as the director of the expert committee of China Synthetic Rubber Industry Association. The conference also commended 28 units that have made outstanding contributions to China's synthetic rubber industrialization

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