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At the recent regular meeting of Nan'an Haixi Valve Association, in which the best effect could not be achieved only by coating antirust oil, President Li Shengli conveyed the information of Shanxi Taigu Magang R & D Exhibition Center's investment in Fujian

at the recent regular meeting of Haixi Valve Association in Nan'an City, which could not guarantee the synchronization of transmission to affect the experimental results, Li Shengli, President of the association, conveyed the information that Taigu Magang R & D Exhibition Center in Shanxi province came to Fujian to attract investment

it is understood that Magang casting industry in Taigu County, Shanxi Province began in 1976. Now, there is a Magang casting industrial park in Hucun, with dozens of large-scale enterprises. It enjoys the reputation of "Asia Magang in China and China Magang in Taigu"

the Convention and Exhibition Center is built in Hucun Foundry Industrial Park. It holds exhibitions twice a year. Spring exhibitions are held from the sixth to the eighth day of the first lunar month, and autumn exhibitions are held from the twelfth to the fourteenth day of the eighth lunar month. The exhibition center is arranged throughout the year and can be visited at any time. There are pipe fittings, valves, grooved pipe fittings and other series of castings related to the valve industry. In addition to conventional adjustment, there are a variety of products, and the categories are quite complete. And organize supporting product logistics services

people in the valve industry here believe that there are also foundry enterprises of Ma Steel and nodular cast iron in Nan'an. They welcome north-south complementarity and promote industrial upgrading. Encourage operators to visit Taigu and share development achievements

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