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Yilu'an T1 wireless intelligent hidden tachograph promotion quotation, performance experience comments

yilu'an t198.07 wireless intelligent hidden tachograph HD night vision 1080p WiFi special installation free

170 degree HD tmall promotion quotation for hidden wireless control special vehicle, friend comments: according to the cultural cooperation agreement signed by the two governments, scientific and technological cooperation image weighing instruments, medical instruments Timekeeping instruments, optical instruments frequently used in local areas, education exchange and cooperation programs, etc.

how to use the T1 wireless intelligent hidden dash cam:

the recorder has been installed! The effect is good during the day, but I haven't had time to experience it at night. If you only record images, that's enough. The video doesn't play very smoothly on the computer. A small partner with strong hands-on ability can install it by himself. It's simple! The crowbar is a little small. It would be better if it were wider. My control system software is a new Jetta based on WindowsXP operating system platform. It is perfectly installed! It's also seamless, that is, pictures or videos can't be transmitted via Bluetooth. It's a little pity. Fortunately, the recorder is very powerful! 32g card is also very awesome. After connection, all settings can be set on the, which is very convenient! Fast delivery

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