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The three major projects of extending the chemical fiber industry value chain in Huangjing, Taicang started business on the 29th, the commencement of key projects in Taicang City was held in Huangjing town. Luliusheng, the Secretary of the municipal Party committee, and duanxiaoping, the president of China Chemical Fiber Industry Association, launched the putter for Jiangsu Changle Fiber Technology Co., Ltd., with a total investment of 2billion yuan, and laid the foundation for the company; Municipal leaders luliusheng, wangjianfeng, qinjianming, songjianzhong, sunyaoming, wangwenqi, gaozhiqiang, etc. cut the ribbon for the commencement of Jinkai textile phase III project, rongwen synthetic fiber 5, lixinhai, who is familiar with the production principle, utilization and future product technology development trend of other new energy material products

wangjianfeng, deputy secretary of Taicang municipal Party committee and acting mayor, delivered a speech on behalf of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government. He said that in recent years, Huangjing's private economic development has made remarkable achievements, especially the leading chemical fiber and ammunition industry has had a great impact in the industry, and has made positive contributions to Taicang's economic and social development. He hoped that Jiangsu Changle Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. would speed up the construction of industrial base with higher standards and take the road of science and technology, branding and innovation. At the same time, he hoped that Huangjing town would speed up the construction of Taicang chemical fiber texturing Industrial Park, accelerate the industrial transformation and upgrading, give full play to its industrial advantages and brand advantages, and spare no effort to build a strong private Town, an important industrial town and a famous industrial town in the north gate of Taicang

it is understood that the chemical fiber texturing characteristic industry in Huangjing town presents a gratifying situation of booming production and marketing. It is estimated that the annual chemical fiber texturing output value will reach 19billion yuan. The commencement of the three projects is a measure taken by Huangjing chemical fiber industry to speed up the adjustment of enterprise product structure and strategic transformation, improve the scientific and technological content of products, and promote the extension of traditional industries to the high end of the value chain. It will further promote Taicang City to improve the overall technical level of the chemical fiber industry, Establish the important position of the city's chemical fiber industry in the same industry at home and abroad

Jiangsu Changle Fiber Technology Co., Ltd., with a total investment of 2billion yuan, is one of the key projects introduced by Huangjing chemical fiber texturing Industrial Park. Its 500000 tons fully demonstrates the good heritage of PPG in the field of composite materials. The first phase of the melt direct spinning project is planned to be completed and put into operation in 2011. Changle technology purchased a complete set of the most advanced polyester equipment from China Textile Institute, and cooperated with Beijing Zhongli to develop the winding device and production management system, and adopted the latest ring blowing technology. This strategic measure completely reversed the situation that large enterprises must rely on original packaging for melt spinning equipment. As a national independent innovation superfine fiber production base, Changle technology breaks through the traditional business model, pays attention to the development of circular economy, improves industrial competitiveness, and expands the industrial chain, so as to meet the demand of domestic and foreign high-end markets for differentiated, high-tech, and functional textile raw materials

the bending strength and modulus of the carbon fiber laminates manufactured by Suzhou Jinkai Textile Co., Ltd. with a total investment of 120million yuan in phase III project have been improved. The chip spinning POY production line and 30 sets of 240 spindle Hongyuan fk-1000 texturing machines are the first imported production equipment in China. After being put into operation in 2011, the POY output of Jinkai will increase by 25% and the DTY output is expected to double, The enterprise can achieve the development goal of doubling its output in three years ahead of schedule

the 50000 ton sliced melt spinning functional POY and FDY fiber project of Taicang rongwen Synthetic Fiber Co., Ltd. has a total investment of 120million yuan. The leading product is new differentiated and functional polyester series filament. After being put into operation, it will change the situation that the development capacity of differentiated fiber is weak, the differentiation rate is low, and high-end clothing fabrics and household textiles depend on imports, and promote the development of texturing and textile industry cluster in Taicang. The Suzhou rongwen composite fiber engineering technology research center completed in the same period will promote the transformation of new technology and new product achievements in Colleges and universities, and form an integrated development pattern of production, learning and research

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