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The industrial and Commercial Department of Tai'an strictly investigated the problem of excessive packaging and tying of moon cakes. The Mid Autumn Festival is coming, and the sales of moon cakes have entered the peak season. On September 27, Taishan branch of Tai'an Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce dispatched law enforcement officers to conduct a special inspection on moon cakes within the scope of Taicheng. According to the inspection results, the overall situation of the moon cake market this year is better than that in previous years. The quality of the moon cake has been improved, the price has decreased significantly compared with that in previous years, and the problem of excessive packaging of moon cakes and tying of other commodities has been effectively curbed

in addition to moon cakes, this special inspection also focused on the popular holiday foods such as wine, packaged food, meat and meat products. Mainly check whether the food business entity is legal, whether it operates without certificate, license or beyond the scope, and whether the moon cakes distributed are truthfully marked with the factory name, address, production date, shelf life and ingredient list as required

industrial and commercial law enforcement personnel remind that there are relatively few problems with brand moon cakes. The bulk moon cakes sold in street shops and farmers' stalls should be carefully identified, and the manufacturer's address should be carefully observed to see if it is marked on the prominent position of the package; Whether the product implementation standards are clearly identified; Whether the ingredients list, net content and other indicators are explicit from the perspective of enterprise development; Whether the key core technology period, storage period and production date of iron-based copper-based new materials, special alloy materials, silicon-based new materials, new chemical materials, rare earth functional materials, nano new materials, graphene and new energy materials are marked; Whether the packaging box and single moon cake are intact; Whether the color, essence, preservative, etc. are indicated. In addition, don't forget to ask for the invoice, voucher or shopping receipt after buying the moon cake. Once the product has quality problems, you can call 12315 to complain

it is reported that the special inspection of the festival market will last until October 10

information source: Tai'an

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