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Synthetic resin, ethylene and synthetic rubber have become the top priority. On March 8, 2002, the relevant person in charge of the State Economic and Trade Commission said at the China Chemical Industry Summit Forum that China will focus on the development of the production of major chemicals such as ethylene, synthetic resin and synthetic rubber. The experimental method for the bursting strength of large-scale ethylene project construction is the top priority

China will strive to complete CNOOC shell, Yangzi BASF, Shanghai BP and other ethylene projects by the end of the tenth five year plan. Polyethylene, polypropylene and polyvinyl chloride, which account for 80% of the consumption of the five major synthetic resins, are the development focus in the future. Synthetic rubber focuses on improving the production capacity ratio, increasing varieties, improving quality and reducing costs

according to the preliminary prediction of the State Economic and Trade Commission, by 2005, China's demand for major chemical products will be: 15million tons of ethylene, 25million ~ 27million tons of five major synthetic resins, 11million ~ 12million tons of synthetic fiber raw materials, 1.1 million tons of synthetic rubber, 36million tons of synthetic ammonia and 46million tons of chemical fertilizer. However, the layout of China's chemical enterprises is scattered. For example, 18 sets of ethylene packages in the whole country can also be used for the compressive strength test of other materials in 15 cities, with an average annual output of less than 250000 tons and a maximum output of 480000 tons, while the average annual production of radial

tire enterprises is only 1million. Moreover, among the domestic chemical products, the proportion of products with high consumption, rough processing and low added value is high, and the scientific research and development ability is also far behind the international advanced level, such as airborne equipment heat dissipation film, heat dissipation coating and heat conductive plastic made of graphene's excellent thermal conductivity

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