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Japan has developed a synthetic material of paper and degradable plastics

degradable plastics are difficult to popularize because of their high cost. However, when it is mixed with paper, it can reduce the cost and produce different new materials. Not long ago, Fuji Industrial Technology Center in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan successfully launched a new material, which is a combination of paper and degradable plastics, to improve the import cost of wood pulp in China

it is reported that this new material can be produced by mixed papermaking, laminating and molding. Among them, Cheng is playing a more and more important role in the field of energy-saving materials. The type processing method is to use the injection molding machine to form the product. What kind of testing machine has been used for the longest time to integrate plastic and paper. The company uses bubble catalytic wet plating technology to coat a uniform metal thin layer on the surface of glass fiber, and the glass fiber paper has good conductivity. The conductive glass fiber paper can be compounded with resin to make electromagnetic shielding material

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