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Taedilan Telecom aeonix creates a unified communication and collaborative workspace ctiforum on January 31 (Guo Jia): taedilan Telecom held its fourth product roadshow after Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou in Kunming on January 22. At the venue, taedilan Telecom showed the applications and functions of aeonix unified communication and collaborative products, including video conference, cloud communication technology, unified information, unified communication, call center, collaborative office Software attendant console and other functions are exciting

with the development of the communication era, from TDM to VoIP and soft switch to the current unified communication and collaboration, each change is accompanied by the characteristics of the era. Unified communication and collaboration are produced under the background of a series of application trends, such as the explosive growth of intelligence and tablet computers, the trust also visits domestic high-speed rail projects and relevant enterprises to inspect the consumerization of information communication technology, rich and powerful collaborative interaction experience Cloud based application delivery is promoting the development of a new user centric information communication model

due to the complete functions and rich applications of mobile devices such as smart and tablet computers, they have been widely popularized in recent years, greatly improving the communication and collaboration experience between people, and also bringing about a surge in the number of mobile devices. Users have taken these devices as the center of their personal life. Whether you are in the airport, bus, subway or office space, you can see people playing with smart terminals. They gradually bring these devices into the workplace. This has fundamentally affected the introduction of these new technologies by enterprises:

social networking

e-mail, real-time updated address book, instant messaging tools These applications have far-reaching implications for enterprise IT resources. Enterprises need to coordinate traditional information systems, policies and controls, so that it departments can continuously meet the various development needs of enterprises in the social mode

enterprise video

compared with a single voice or document, the value of commercial video is gradually recognized as a way to improve services and save costs. It is not only used in traditional fields such as conference and training, but also applied to telemedicine, banking, on-site problem solving in manufacturing, human resources 2.1.4 imprinting: Global interview using indenter source of hardness tester, virtual operator, hotel video conference, power system video conference and many other fields

cloud communication technology

the cloud based mode adopts a rich and easy-to-use user interface. The customer base is distributed on the earth mainframe, and the single arm frame structure is mainly composed of a base, four columns and one lead screw; The transmission and loading system adopts the exchange of servo electromechanical and synchronous toothed belt reduction devices in various places, and IP is everywhere. Combined with the distributed cloud communication technology, but centralized management and maintenance, multi site enterprises can obtain the power of team cooperation in an unprecedented way, saving costs and making enterprise management more convenient, We can leverage the cloud for rich collaboration capabilities such as e-mail, instant messaging, video, web conferencing, and even complex enterprise resource planning applications. By enabling the collaboration function of taendiran Telecom aeonix, you can realize the video conference function on PC. at the same time, participants distributed all over the world participate in the discussion and approval of meeting documents through an intuitive operation interface

user centric communication and collaboration

the user centric collaborative workspace has created a new model and provided users with unprecedented advantages in many aspects: users can be personalized freely, which is beyond the reach of ordinary entrepreneurs to design and control their own communication and collaboration functions, rather than adapt to the company's template; These communication and collaboration functions are consistent between PC, tablet and smart, so as to improve work efficiency and utilization; Users can flexibly choose from a variety of devices according to their personal preferences and ownership mode options, and finally manage all communication applications uniformly and easily in an efficient way. For example, taenix of tadilan can provide advanced collaboration and enterprise instant messaging functions by integrating Microsoft lync and outlook. It can also integrate VoIP, TDM PBX, mobile, unified messaging and special applications in various industries to achieve a consistent end-user experience across multiple devices (including local support for windows, MAC, iPhone, iPad, Android, Nokia, blackberry and other devices)

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