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TSG upgrade: build optoelectronic Glass Industrial Park in Qingdao Development Zone

prosper the city with industry! In order to promote the development of high-end manufacturing in Qingdao, the CPC Qingdao Municipal Committee and the Qingdao municipal government launched the offensive of "high-end manufacturing + artificial intelligence". In combination with the pilot demonstration construction of the national intelligent industrial park, Qingdao Development Zone has made continuous innovation and multi-point breakthroughs, and vigorously promoted the deep integration of Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and the real economy. Recently, Qingdao Development Zone has successively carried out a series of publicity and reports on the key projects of "intelligent manufacturing", and this issue introduces the project of Taibo optoelectronic Glass Industrial Park

it is reported that Taiwan glass was founded in 964 (optional fixture). It was publicly listed in Taiwan in 1973. In 1993, Taiwan Glass China holding company was established and began to actively layout in the mainland market. Its products cover 7 business divisions, including flat glass, glass fiber, electronic ultra-thin glass, photovoltaic glass, solar mirror plate glass, food containing glass, and automotive glass, which is an ideal solution for baby diapers, adult diapers, medical cloth, medical clothing, and non-woven fabrics for filter cloth. It has invested and built 22 factories in the mainland. In order to save money and make greater profits, the staff will use trapezoidal lead screws instead of ball screws. The number of workers is more than 16000

since 2012, enterprises have faced a severe situation of overcapacity in traditional industries, and a sharp increase in pressure on environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction. In order to save land resources, revitalize existing resources, respond to the national major project of changing old and new kinetic energy, and accelerate the supply side structural reform of the glass industry. Taibo started from the supply system, especially the market demand side, organized R & D and production according to the market demand, constantly optimized and improved the industrial structure, promoted the development of emerging industries, and actively sought new economic growth points

TSG Qingdao Glass Co., Ltd. independently phased out the original 6 embossed glass production lines. After many demonstration tests, one of them was upgraded to a solar photovoltaic glass production line, and the other 5 production lines were all discontinued. At the same time, the enterprise actively developed and launched new glass with high technical content and good market prospects, and upgraded to build an optoelectronic Glass Industrial Park. The project is invested and constructed by Taibo group and Shenzhen Taizhi Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. the total investment in phase I of the project is not less than 600million yuan. Four production lines are planned to be constructed. The estimated annual output value is 600million yuan and the annual tax payment is about 80million yuan

the leading production lines mainly produce double-sided coated double-sided shadow elimination photoelectric glass, with an investment of 50million yuan, which was put into operation in may2018; The second production line mainly produces one-time formed double-sided antireflection (AR) glass, has signed a 120million equipment purchase contract with the supplier, and plans to complete the equipment installation by the end of June 2019; The third and fourth production lines will be invested and constructed according to the market demand, and are currently under planning

photoelectric glass is mainly used for touch screen display of electronic equipment, automobile LCD panel and antireflection rear-view mirror, display windows of museums and shops, etc. Photoelectric glass production belongs to the glass deep processing process. The use of 0.25m/m-6m/m electronic glass substrate can protect the sensor. Compared with the traditional glass production method, it is close to zero environmental pollution

Taiwan Glass Qingdao Glass Co., Ltd. and Qingdao embossed glass Co., Ltd. are the pioneers of Taiwan Glass China holding company in the mainland. Both companies were established in 1993, with a total investment of 150million US dollars and a registered capital of 117.093 million US dollars. The company adopts the management mode of Taiwan Glass Group. Adhering to the concept of "providing customers with satisfactory products with advanced technology and quality management of the whole company", the enterprise has grown into a national medium-sized enterprise integrating high-grade float glass manufacturing and glass deep processing after 20 years of development and expansion. At present, the total assets are 750million yuan, and the taxes paid over the years are 400million yuan, making due contributions to the economic development, transformation and upgrading of Qingdao Development Zone

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