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It is fashionable to put trees indoors in modern home, especially on both sides of the background wall of the TV leather carving soft bag. So what kind of arrangement method can we build a most livable home? Jean Paul leather carving to tell you

putting trees indoors, especially on both sides of the background wall of the TV leather carving soft bag, has become a common practice in modern homes. From the perspective of Feng Shui, placing some finished products at home can indeed add vitality to the home, and some even play a role in dissolving evil spirits, but not all plants are suitable for placing at home

generally speaking, thorny or needle shaped ones, such as Du goose, rose, fairy climbing, etc., are never suitable to be placed at home. Especially in families with children, allergies may occur at least, and family members may take turns to get sick. We can choose some plants with luxuriant branches and leaves. The best color is green, and flowers are also acceptable. Varieties include violets, evergreen, keel, huojinbai and so on. These plants can make family energetic and work energetic

raising flowers is an art and a knowledge. You should take care of them carefully. Don't think that as long as you place them, you can reap their benefits. If you find dead sunflowers, cut them off as soon as possible. In addition, common ribbon flowers and plastic flowers can also be placed indoors. In fact, these furnishings have no life at all and have little impact on the geomantic omen in the house. But be aware that if you use rockeries to set off plants, don't buy craggy ones. This is a kind of heat, which will make people vulnerable to injury or illness at home. It is also worth mentioning that arbors should not be placed in the center of the room, otherwise the cause will be overcast and fall into trouble

based on the above, there are too many things to pay attention to in home life, which we can't summarize in a word. We should pay attention to the selection of materials for the background wall of leather carving and soft bag, and we should try our best to meet it in the design. If it is unavoidable We should also make up for or resolve it in other ways




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