Be careful not to get angry when decorating in aut

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Be careful not to "get angry" in autumn decoration.

be careful not to "get angry" in autumn decoration.

autumn is a season suitable for decoration. During this period, the climate is dry, wood panels are not easy to regain moisture, and coatings and paints are easy to dry. But at the same time, it should be noted that although the effect of autumn decoration is good, there is also the problem of "catching fire" after the shortage of materials during decoration. In this regard, industry insiders reminded that autumn decoration should also pay attention to some problems caused by season and climate

when decorating in autumn, the wall surface is prone to seasonal cracking. At this time, it is not necessarily urgent to repair it immediately, because the cracking of the wall surface indicates that the water in the wall is gradually volatilizing. If it is repaired at this time, when the water continues to volatilize, the wall surface may still continue to crack. Therefore, the owner should wait until the water in the wall surface is compatible with the external climate and humidity, and then let the decoration company repair it at one time. The effect is better. In addition, the wallpaper and wall cloth must be soaked in the water before pasting, and then painted with glue. After paving, you can't open the doors and windows as much as in summer to let the wall dry quickly. In this way, it is very easy for the newly paved wallpaper to be dried by the wind, resulting in water loss and deformation. The best way is to ventilate in the morning and evening to slow down the natural drying speed of the wallpaper. Many decoration owners are eager to air dry the wood after it is transported to the decoration site. This treatment method is extremely inappropriate, because the moisture content of the wood just bought is consistent with the external climate. If the wood is immediately air dried at the air outlet, the moisture in the wood will be quickly lost, and the wood surface will appear dry cracks, accompanied by small cracks. Insiders pointed out that rooms decorated in autumn will generally have obvious air quality problems in winter heating or summer, and even cause indoor harmful gas pollution, endangering human health. Therefore, for the decoration owner, even if there is no pungent smell in the decorated room, it will take at least 30 days to officially move in





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