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In many new buildings, in order to improve the selling points of the real estate, it is often made into the model of landscape building, and the whole floor is made into the form of ground glass wall, so as to better let residents feel the beautiful scenery around, so as to improve the taste of the real estate

compared with ordinary walls, the sound insulation, heat insulation and heat preservation effect of installing glass windows are slightly worse, and the reasonable window wall ratio is 1:4. If residents want to have the romance of floor glass windows, it is recommended to choose insulating glass. Although the cost is high, it improves the sound insulation and heat insulation of glass windows, and improves the quality of life and safety factor. The following editor will introduce you to the relevant knowledge about the design of floor glass windows

design of floor glass window

the selection of floor glass should generally be carried out from three aspects, lighting, beauty and style. The first is lighting. At the beginning, the original intention of installing floor glass is to obtain a larger lighting area for the family, but this also depends on our specific house type. For example, if we are a small house type, then the corresponding glass area should be installed smaller, so that we can give other furniture products a sufficient display space, and at the same time, it will not seem to have an abrupt feeling. For some large families, we can add a protruding semicircle or square balcony design to the installation position of the floor glass, and the area of the balcony below the floor glass should be large enough, so that we can sit on the balcony in our spare time, lean against our floor glass, read books, or overlook the distant scenery, This must be a good choice for some friends with literary atmosphere

what are the hidden dangers of floor glass windows

1. Many glass windows are easy to reflect light and cause light shock

light shock is light pollution in current words. In order to reflect the modern sense, many commercial office buildings make the appearance of the whole building into the form of glass windows. Although this design looks cool, the reflection of these glasses will become a big problem once the sun is strong. Just think, if your home is illuminated by the sunlight reflected by a glass window opposite all day, and your life and rest are affected, let alone, this reflective glare will make you feel very uncomfortable. Moreover, the mirror effect of this kind of glass window often disturbs the aura of the environment, which is detrimental to people's mental health over time

2. The floor glass of the balcony is easy to feel hollow under your feet

now many builders often connect the bedroom and living room with the balcony. In this way, you will feel that the area becomes larger and the brightness is better, which is originally a good thing. However, in order to highlight the effect of enjoying the scenery better, some builders often make the balcony into vertical floor glass windows as if it were a villa by the sea, which may destroy the pattern. Such a pattern makes people feel empty under their feet. When residents are moving in the living room, imagine that one side of their feet is empty. If the floor is high, they are often frightened and have no sense of security. At the same time, it makes others feel that they can't be blocked, and their hearts are also easily suspicious. Because the home is different from the hotel, the public place of the hotel, it wants a secret space, and the common floor glass devices such as restaurants and bars are not suitable for home

3. A solid thing is needed for wind and rain protection

the floor glass window actually violates the foot cutting evil spirit in traditional geomancy. In modern geomancy, empty and low things are called water. Imagine that when it is windy and rainy, it all depends on the glass to resist. In the long past, it will also cause damage to the people in the living room. After all, the meaning of home is to be warm, peaceful and withstand the wind and rain. And if you only rely on glass to block the wind and rain, it makes people feel insecure and has a sense of crisis of wind and rain. It will not only affect wealth, but also damage health. Because the living room is the place for the whole family to move, it will affect everyone living here

4. The lighting in the bedroom should not be opened and closed.

if the bedroom is directly facing the floor glass window, it is often to open the curtain, that is, the sun shines all into the room, which will form a light ghost, and it will feel too dark to close the curtain at ordinary times. This situation can lead to marital discord. The bedroom should have balanced light, which can make the husband and wife feel harmonious. In the living rooms of some buildings, although there are about dozens of centimeters of walls under the floor glass, this problem will still be committed because the lighting part is too large. Therefore, when choosing a new house, you should pay special attention to not making the floor glass window too large, and try to make it smaller if you can, but not too small, so as not to affect the appropriate ventilation and lighting

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