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At the end of last month, Laoka wardrobe went to Japan to start the Whampoa phase II seminar. The wonderful postscript is released, and Xiaobian will present it to you one by one! The advertising appeal of "creating fashion? First" of lacca wardrobe is positioned to meet the needs of different consumers at home and abroad

the development of the enterprise needs continuous learning and progress. The lacca wardrobe team caught the tail of March, and on March 30, it went abroad, went to a foreign country, and entered Japan, a model of Oriental integration and the birthplace of lean production. This time, the senior leaders of Lloyd's card and top20 dealers went to Japan to work together with CLP "Japan? Strategic marketing and integrated operations", a zero brand consultant teacher. Today, Xiaobian will bring you the postscript of the second day of the Huangpu phase II seminar

day2-1 entrepreneurship

Osaka entrepreneur Museum, learn the deeds of 105 outstanding Japanese entrepreneurs since the Meiji Restoration, and decode the longevity gene of Japanese Enterprises - Japanese entrepreneurship

day2-2 future living space

Panasonic life exhibition hall, into the future of smart housing and smart life, home power generation, smart home, freehand space, natural life

day2-3 Panasonic business philosophy

Panasonic PHP Research Institute, listen to Panasonic heirs share Panasonic's help, comprehensively learn the business philosophy of the Japanese God of business, and think from a zero distance about the guidance of Panasonic's success on the practical operation and long-term development of enterprises

day2-4 Japanese garden and Japanese cuisine

er Tiaoyuan Huaishi cuisine, Japan on the tip of the tongue. Being in a private courtyard for more than 400 years, having a dinner with Mr. muyuanzhe is not only about eating authentic Japanese cuisine, but also tasting the living Japanese culture with taste buds and brain

there are more postscript editors that will be presented to you one by one. Please pay close attention to the latest developments in Laoka's wardrobe

lacca wardrobe provides employees with more opportunities to learn and exercise, and spare no effort to realize the development of the enterprise. We look forward to the brilliant future of lacca together




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