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Since the 16th of this month, a new round of haze has swept the northern land again, and a large-scale regional heavy pollution will occur in Beijing Tianjin Hebei region, Shandong, Henan and other places. Because the haze is very serious, many provinces have issued a red warning. The continuous fermentation of the haze event also explains to us the fact that environmental pollution is very serious, and environmental pollution control is imminent. Coincidentally, from November 28 to December 28, the fourth environmental protection supervision group of the central government entered Foshan to fully carry out the central environmental protection supervision work. The whole Foshan home furnishing industry will also face a "environmental protection renovation" related to its survival. Behind the development of these events, should the wardrobe enterprises think deeply about whether their environmental protection work has reached the standard? How to implement the concept of environmental protection in wardrobe? 2017 overall wardrobe brand Deville

the unprecedented environmental storm in Guangdong has prompted a number of home furnishing enterprises to be renovated

in recent months, the environmental remediation work of the central supervision group has continued nonstop, and Guangdong, Hubei, Shaanxi, Sichuan, Gansu, Hebei and other places have encountered the strictest environmental protection trend. We can imagine the strength of the special projects directly grasped by the national and local governments. With the momentum of lightning, the rectification action quickly spread to every industrial zone. For a time, wechat circles of friends in some industries such as home furnishings, bathroom, ceramics, stainless steel, furniture, plastics, hardware products, etc. were all "environmentally friendly screen swiping". It is not too much to describe the magnitude of the rectification with "decisive action"

on November 24, the second batch of environmental protection supervision teams of the Central Committee arrived in Guangdong to carry out environmental protection supervision for one month. From November 28 to December 28, the fourth environmental protection supervision group of the central government stationed in Foshan to fully carry out the central environmental protection supervision work. Under the pressure of inspectors, many enterprises in Guangdong have been forced to rectify and stop production, and "celebrate the holiday" in advance. Enterprises that have not stopped production also claim to stop production at any time, and call on customers to place orders as soon as possible. Chaozhou, Foshan, Jiangmen and other places are large home furnishing production areas in Guangdong Province, so this environmental protection supervision has a huge impact on enterprises that fail to meet the environmental protection standards

furniture production is heavily polluted, and environmental protection and pollution control is imminent.

volatile organic compounds released during the coating process in furniture production are one of the sources of air pollutants. Faced with the environmental pollution, some furniture enterprises have begun to carry out the reconstruction and upgrading of production links, and gradually use water-based paint to replace traditional paint. Water-based paint is used as a coating with low VOCs content, and water is used as a solvent, Compared with solvent based coatings, it has obvious advantages, and its promotion and application also provide a new way to control VOCs emissions in furniture manufacturing industry. At the same time, it is also considered by insiders as the fundamental way to solve the pollution of furniture production enterprises

environmental protection "stick" warns wardrobe enterprises

in recent years, terms such as environmental pollution, energy conservation and emission reduction have been heard, and various policies and regulations on environmental protection and atmospheric governance have also been issued, which indicates that the state attaches importance to energy conservation and environmental protection. The 2016 National Conference on environmental protection has been held in Beijing. The conference put forward the general idea of environmental protection during the 13th five year plan, and made a detailed explanation of the difficulties encountered in the continuous promotion of environmental governance and protection in the next few years, as well as the construction of relevant systems and many other aspects. The wardrobe industry has always been the focus of environmental protection policies. This meeting undoubtedly played a warning role. This year, the wardrobe industry may usher in a new round of environmental protection storm

to strengthen the concept of environmental protection, wardrobe enterprises need to grasp the key to development

in the face of a large-scale environmental storm, wardrobe enterprises should understand that environmental protection is not a certain item, a certain number or index, but comprehensive and systematic. Only by combining the selection of main and auxiliary materials, wood processing details, material environmental protection certification and other aspects, can it be called environmental protection. Wardrobe enterprises can only devote themselves to developing low-carbon products with low pollution and high environmental protection, so as to promote the development of new processes, new materials and new technologies in the wardrobe industry. At the same time, in the professional field, it is more necessary to comply with the green development strategy to upgrade the enterprise. Only in this way can we have a place in the fierce market competition. Therefore, strengthening the concept of environmental protection is the key to the transformation, upgrading and sustainable development of the wardrobe industry

the famous biological scientist Darwin once said that "natural selection, survival of the fittest", this theory has also been used to this day, whether it is the animal world or the global village, it is also the survival of the fittest. Under the storm of environmental protection, what wardrobe enterprises should do is to thoroughly understand the national environmental protection law and other relevant laws and regulations, and formulate strategies for the next development of the enterprise in combination with their own reality. The environmental crisis can urge the wardrobe industry to face up to the problem. The environmental protection problem that was previously silent is now on the agenda, and the slow pace will be eliminated. Can you not seize this opportunity to accelerate growth? I believe that through this round of environmental storm, wardrobe enterprises will also be reborn

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