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With the rapid development of the building materials industry, there are more and more door and window brands, and the ensuing competition is also growing. Philosophy is a challenge for the coming trend of door and window manufacturers. Investment attraction is an issue that every door and window manufacturer attaches importance to. So today, with the homogenization of the door and window market, how can door and window enterprises attract investment steadily and compete with other brands

the editor summarized our experience in attracting investment

new era channel is king

as a door and window enterprise, we must have a clear positioning and consumer awareness in order to master its own investment channels. At present, the investment promotion channels of door and window enterprises are diversified. Traditional channels such as exhibitions and investment promotion conferences are still popular. Network investment promotion or other novel investment promotion modes are also being tried by many enterprises. No matter what way, door and window enterprises must seek their own development channels and formulate innovative investment policies in order to achieve the ultimate goal of investment

new help preferential policies

enterprises need to show their sincerity if they want to impress dealers to join. At present, most door and window enterprises in the industry have begun to formulate humanized investment promotion policies, provide comprehensive guidance and support during the franchise period of dealers, and give dealers intimate and thoughtful investment promotion services. These assistance policies of enterprises can improve the profitability of dealers' stores to a certain extent, promote the normal operation of stores, and enable dealers to join at ease

new experience strong brand

door and window enterprises must enhance brand awareness and attach importance to brand construction in order to effectively attract investment. According to the survey, at present, many door and window enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, focus on the development of product categories and ignore brand construction. Such enterprises often unilaterally pursue "many and complete products", resulting in serious product homogeneity and weak competitiveness, which makes it difficult to attract excellent dealers; In addition, the lack of professional marketing team and effective market operation mechanism has led to the disconnection between investment promotion and market promotion, resulting in the phenomenon that dealers "recruit and go", which has seriously affected the effect of investment promotion. Weak brand awareness and inadequate channel maintenance are important reasons why many small and medium-sized door and window enterprises have difficulties in attracting investment

based on the above, in order to successfully attract investment for doors and windows, enterprises must grasp the three elements of channels, policies and brands, which is the top priority of attracting investment


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