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Analysis of problems existing in high-end medical devices

the 2014 economic blue book was released and the China economic situation analysis and prediction seminar was held in Beijing recently. The blue book believes that structural imbalances have become a prominent obstacle to the sustainable development of the industrial economy, which is mainly reflected in the coexistence of overcapacity and insufficient capacity prevailing in many industries

the blue book is the latest research results on China's economic situation in organized and written by the Economics Department of the Chinese Academy of social sciences. The blue book points out that after years of development, China's industry has established a highly competitive and comprehensive industrial system, and surpassed the United States to become the world's largest manufacturing country in 2010. However, with the rapid growth of China's industrial scale, many structural contradictions have accumulated, which makes the development of industrial economy face severe challenges

in 2014, China's economy will still face difficulties and challenges in the following aspects, "he said. First, each impact will be imposed on the normal deviation of the battery appearance, and overcapacity in some industries. At the end of 2012, the capacity utilization rates of steel, cement, electrolytic aluminum, flat glass and ships in China were only 72%, 73.7%, 71.9%, 73.1% and 75% respectively, significantly lower than the international normal level. Shrinkage rate of transfer molding: 0 7% of the industry, photovoltaic, wind power and other strategic emerging industries also have serious overcapacity problems. Affected by factors such as export barriers, the operating rate of China's polysilicon production enterprises is less than half

at the same time, although there is overcapacity in Chinese industry, many high-end sectors rely heavily on imports. For example, 90% of chips depend on imports, and the annual import volume exceeds that of oil. Similar situations also exist in other industries. China's core technology in key components such as engine, hydraulic, transmission and control technology is insufficient, and it is heavily dependent on imports; 70% to 80% of high-end medical devices rely on expensive imported or foreign brands, resulting in high examination costs and increased burden on patients

in addition, the imbalance of demand structure has also become a prominent obstacle to the sustainable development of industrial economy. Li Xuesong, deputy director of the Institute of quantitative economics and technical economics of the Academy of Sciences, commented that overcapacity has caused a lot of waste of resources, increased environmental pressure, but also caused vicious competition among enterprises, reduced the motivation and ability of enterprise technological innovation, and affected the improvement of the overall efficiency of industrial organizations. It can be said that overcapacity has become the root of prominent contradictions and many problems in economic operation

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