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GMG and Yumu entered the packaging market together

the merger and offset between Yumu, a manufacturer of large-scale inkjet printers and cutting mechanisms, and its parent and subsidiary companies of color also raised doubts. GMG, a management software supplier, formed a cooperative alliance for the packaging industry

the two companies will work together to provide an effective "forward integration" for packaging and label enterprises on this basis, which is the key technical proofing solution here

the two companies claim that they can save customers a lot of time and money by using digital production to replace the traditional printing system that requires plates and gravure cylinders

it is understood that Yumu printer has been optimized for offset printing, gravure printing and digital proofing in the field of flexo packaging. By combining them with GMG's colorserver4.6.2 color management software and smartprofiler printer correction and pre flight software, customers can produce accurate colors on most substrates

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