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Globalization strategy accelerates Lovol heavy industry to open a new mode for agricultural machinery enterprises to go global

globalization strategy accelerates Lovol heavy industry to open a new mode for agricultural machinery enterprises to go global

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enterprises to "go global", which has always been a hot spot of national and social attention. In doing business with the world, how to choose a "going out" path suitable for domestic enterprises has long been placed in front of major enterprises, which has also become a major topic carefully studied by relevant enterprise think tanks

of course, different people have different opinions. In all walks of life, there has never been a lack of people who dare to eat crabs. Lovol heavy industry, which has been good at steady development in the traditional agricultural machinery industry, has been accelerating the process of globalization in recent years, exploring a clear development path on the road of globalization, and opening up a new path for the "going out" innovative development of domestic agricultural machinery enterprises

Lovol Arbos tractor's domestic listing has attracted much attention.

it is concluded that Lovol's globalization strategy has opened a unique "three-step model". First, establish a high-end R & D platform overseas, rely on the R & D platform to carry out technological breakthroughs, realize the cultivation and building of gaskets between the oil collector and the pump body by the international operation team, and finally rely on excellent teams to achieve overseas mergers and acquisitions, We have further improved the overseas full value chain operation platform, successfully realized overseas localized operation, and built a global enterprise

compared with the way in the past that some enterprises go out and directly set up overseas factories, or directly rely on domestic teams for overseas mergers and acquisitions, this way is more stable, with lower comprehensive costs. The integration process of domestic and foreign cultures is also more natural and effective, and the road to globalization is natural

however, the great wall cannot be built in a day. Similarly, this principle is also very suitable for Lovol heavy industries' global development path

As we all know, China's agricultural mechanization and agricultural machinery industry have achieved rapid development compared with the previous years, especially in recent years, the country has introduced a series of policies to benefit and strengthen agriculture, especially under the strong promotion of the agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policy, the comprehensive mechanization rate of cultivation and income of major crops has exceeded 62%

Lovol Arbos tractors attracted much attention at the Hannover exhibition

but it can be said that the rapid development of local agricultural machinery enterprises still cannot hide the weakness and gap in the field of high-end agricultural machinery and equipment, and has been at a disadvantage in the environment of global competition. What is more cruel is that the domestic agricultural machinery market has become an important strategic market for global agricultural equipment giants, such as Deere, Case New Holland, AGCO, Klass and so on. They have settled in China, threatening local national brands step by step. Especially in large farms in Northeast and Northwest China, where the development level of domestic agricultural mechanization is relatively high, the agricultural machines and tools equipped with high-power tractors are almost monopolized by imported brands

how to create high-end agricultural machinery products that can compete with foreign brands and occupy a place in the global competition has become the goal of domestic agricultural machinery industry enterprises. Lovol heavy industries is no exception. Globalization is urgent

in order to improve the technical content of domestic local agricultural machinery and tools, and then promote the rapid development of domestic agricultural equipment manufacturing industry, Lovol heavy industry has been accumulating strength. In recent years, while doing a good job in internal skills, Lovol has accelerated the pace of "globalization", bravely "going out", and "borrowing brain and wisdom" globally, integrating international high-end human and intellectual resources for my use

looking back, we found that since 2010, Lovol heavy industries has actively built and improved its global innovation and R & D system based on the business policy of "connotative growth, structural adjustment and globalization", and officially established the European R & D center in 2011, becoming the first enterprise in the same industry in China to establish overseas R & D centers abroad, and globalization has become an important child

Lovol Arbos tractors attracted much attention at the Hannover exhibition

for a company determined to develop globally, it should not only accelerate the pace of technological innovation and break the monopoly of foreign multinational giants in the field of high-end agricultural equipment, but also boldly "go out" on the basis of doing a good job in the domestic market and show its strength in the global market. "The establishment of R & D centers overseas is not the ultimate goal, but a basic strategy, a means of competition, and a symbolic step for our enterprise to truly go global. It is not confined to the domestic market, but our national brand should also be on the international agricultural machinery stage." Wang Guimin, chairman and general manager of Lovol heavy industries, told the author

integrate global resources for my use

the same is true. After establishing the European R & D center, Lovol heavy industries has successively integrated nearly 300 R & D teams with international agricultural equipment technology background in Europe, mainly responsible for the research and development of new technology platform tractors, large feed grain harvesters and large agricultural machinery. More than four years of strategic operation has integrated it with the cultural gene of Lovol heavy industry. Not only in the field of medium and high-end technology of agricultural machinery, it has kept pace with the world, but more importantly, it has affected and driven the upgrading of domestic R & D concepts, technology and management, and made strategic reserves for the upgrading of Lovol's core business technology

it is reported that Lovol heavy industries, which is innovative, spends 3% - 5% of its sales revenue as research and development funds every year to ensure the transformation of scientific and technological innovation achievements. Since 201 can only confirm the wear rate of parts for 0 years, nearly 3billion yuan of research and development funds have been invested. In order to ensure the operation of the global R & D system, based on the study of foreign advanced product R & D processes, Lovol heavy industries has established a unified development process, development methods, tools and standards in combination with the operating characteristics of various R & D businesses, forming a standardized development model

next, Lovol heavy industries will continue to increase R & D investment, transformation and integration, and strive to use years to realize the transformation from foreign technology to domestic independent intellectual property rights through domestic and foreign synchronous production. At the same time, taking the large-scale operation organizations and cooperative organizations such as family farms, Heilongjiang agricultural reclamation system, Xinjiang production and Construction Corps, which are jointly built by the company and the Agricultural Machinery Extension Station of the Ministry of agriculture, as the carrier, we will carry out the experimental demonstration and promotion of the integration of agricultural machinery and agronomy, and accelerate the promotion and application of international advanced agricultural equipment technology in China's grain production

Lovol Arbos tractor under field test

"Lovol heavy industry's vision for the future is bound to be not limited to Europe. Through our efforts, we will digest and absorb foreign advanced technology and introduce it to China, cultivate a hard team with global competitiveness, and will also promote Lovol products to the world with the help of Lovol heavy industry's global marketing system." Wang Guimin said

it will not affect the vertical tightening experiment. In the past few years, we can also see that Lovol heavy industry has truly realized "going out" in product research and development, production and manufacturing, marketing services and other aspects based on its existing business and relying on the development model of "global R & D, made in China, and global distribution". At present, Lovol heavy industries has more than 300 distribution networks covering more than 120 countries and regions around the world, established 9 overseas offices and 10 parts centers in strategic markets and key markets, and registered local national sales companies in strategic markets such as Brazil, Russia and Turkey, forming a global marketing service network system integrating "sales, service, parts supply, user training and information feedback", The competitiveness of products in the international market and the ability of localized operation have been steadily improved

in 2015, Lovol heavy industries successively obtained orders for 204 Lovol Ceres wheat harvesters in Sudan, agricultural equipment worth 100million yuan in Mongolia phase II, agricultural equipment and engineering machinery worth 200million yuan in Sri Lanka, agricultural equipment worth 100million yuan in Mali, 50 Lovol loaders in Libya and other government procurement projects, and the overseas export business continued to grow steadily

overseas mergers and acquisitions have entered the "new normal", and Lovol's globalization strategy has been frequently implemented.

on March 5, 2015, Premier Li Keqiang proposed in the 2015 government work report, "accelerate the implementation of the" going global "strategy. Let Chinese enterprises walk and stabilize, and strengthen their muscles and bones in international competition." This has created a good historical opportunity for agricultural machinery enterprises to "go global", and also gave agricultural machinery enterprises more confidence and confidence to participate in global competition

in recent years, on the basis of improving the global R & D system, Lovol heavy industries has continuously deepened its cooperation in the development of overseas high-end resources and technology markets. Especially on the basis of the increasingly mature operation of Lovol's European business platform, with the help of the European business platform, Lovol heavy industries also wholly acquired the Italian national treasure brand Arbos (Arbos), which will further enhance Lovol's technical strength in the field of high-end agricultural machinery through effective technology integration and transformation in the later stage

Lovol apos tractor equipped with Matt mark planter for field test

in 2014, Lovol heavy industry successfully wholly acquired mattermacc (Italy) company, which is famous in Europe for its research and manufacturing of precision planters, so that Lovol has the strength to compete in the global market with the complete product portfolio of high-end tractor processing machines and tools, and also fills the technical gap of high-end planters and core components in China

on September 15, 2015, Lovol Arbos group spa was officially established by Lovol heavy industries, which integrates the resources of the former Lovol European technology center, Arbos and matemak factories, forms a business operation platform of the full value chain, and becomes an important support for Lovol heavy industries to develop the international high-end agricultural equipment market, responsible for power shift tractors The operation of high-end agricultural machinery and tools such as large grain harvesters and precision seeders has initially established a global operation system of "China headquarters + Europe" for Lovol Arbos agricultural equipment business

"our globalization strategy is different from that of other agricultural machinery enterprises, which simply acquire foreign advanced technology through direct overseas mergers and acquisitions and rely solely on 'fetchism'." With regard to Lovol heavy's "going out" model, Wang Guimin concluded that it should first set up R & D centers overseas, and then rely on R & D centers to horizontally expand marketing and service businesses for the platform, rather than sticking to simple R & D business, and comprehensively integrate global high-end resources for localized operation and management, and then maximize the control of overseas acquisition risks, and then successfully acquire European high-end agricultural equipment enterprises

time flies, and the huge investment in the early stage finally blooms and bears fruit. On November 8, at the Hannover exhibition in Germany, Lovol Arbos simultaneously released three platforms of Lovol Arbos power shift tractors, as well as its supporting precision seeders and other new agricultural machinery and tools, conveying to the outside world the curtain of Lovol Arbos power shift technology for large and medium-sized horsepower tractors to enter the global market, indicating Lovol heavy industries' confidence and strength to enter the world, It also proves that domestic agricultural machinery enterprises have great achievements in the global market

insiders believe that Lovol heavy industries' practice and exploration of "going global" is not only of great significance to the international development of the enterprise itself, but also can drive the collective progress of the entire domestic agricultural machinery industry, which is a feasible way for agricultural machinery enterprises to "go global". Specifically, Lovol heavy industries innovated its overseas business development model, initially realized its strategic layout in the global high-end agricultural machinery market, and created a "golden industrial chain" for agricultural machinery enterprises,

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