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The 2016 GMIC global mobile Internet Conference opened in Beijing

the 2016 GMIC global mobile Internet Conference opened in Beijing

-- big names gathered, cross-border collisions, shared insights, and mobile Internet helped predict the future

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the eighth GMIC global mobile Internet Conference kicked off at the Beijing National Convention Center. The theme of this conference is mobile infinity (resonance of the world), which aims to build a cross industry and cross field thinking collision platform on the basis of the previous top mobile Internet industry conferences

many global Internet elites and political dignitaries will gather here from April 28 to 30 to discuss the cross-border and integration of the mobile Internet + era, including Robin Lee, chairman and CEO of Baidu, Daniel Alegre, President of Google's global partner business, Ren Yuxiang, global vice president of Tesla Motors, head of Asia Pacific region, Meng Pu, chairman of Qualcomm China, and Zhang Yaqin, President of Baidu, CIAR n coffe, vice mayor of Dublin City Council, Rui Yong, executive vice president of Microsoft Asia Research Institute, Lin bin, President of Xiaomi, Yossi Vardi, chairman of international technologies, Zhao Ming, President of Huawei glory, Zhang Hongjiang, President of Kingsoft software and Kingsoft cloud, and other heavyweight guests, including Gary bradski, former vice president and current founder of magic leap, a popular augmented reality company, and chairman of the board of directors Sangbae Kim, associate professor of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology School of mechanical engineering and director of the bionic robot laboratory, and other global leaders in the forefront of science and technology. In addition, Liu Yinchun, Deputy Secretary General of the Beijing Municipal People's government, Wang Hao, head of Chaoyang District, Ma Jiye, deputy head of Chaoyang District, huqiheng, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, Xuanhong, deputy director of the Zhongguancun Management Committee, Shi Xiansheng, deputy secretary of the Internet association, Zhou Yunfan, general manager of Zhongguancun Development Group, and other leaders also attended the conference and delivered speeches

it is worth mentioning that due to the restriction of oil source flow, the activity form of this conference covers the industry high-end summit, hello future GMIC x annual ceremony and hello tech GMIC x technology Temple Fair for the first time, expanding the radiation range of GMIC from opinion leaders and practitioners in the mobile Internet industry to a more diversified crowd, which has achieved a great leap in both content and form compared with previous years

standing at the tuyere to talk about mobile Internet + cross-border discussion of the world's hottest and most cutting-edge topic

on the morning of April 28, the eighth GMIC global mobile Internet Conference kicked off at the Beijing National Convention Center. The theme of this conference is that M has become the main source of cracks, 1oble infinity (resonance of the world), which aims to build a cross industry and cross field thinking collision platform based on the previous top mobile Internet industry conferences

in the era of mobile Internet +, fragmentation, mobility and decentralization have become the new normal. From social economy, sharing economy to flow economy, how to use Internet + to create a new engine for economic transformation and upgrading and embrace the blue ocean has become a hot topic of discussion at the meeting. For the current hot industries, the conference set up nearly 50 Industry Summit forums, covering many hot industries such as robots, intelligent hardware, vr/ar, mobile games, big data, mobile education, mobile medicine, smart cars, etc. participants from more than 70 countries discussed the current most cutting-edge industry topics, displayed the most cutting-edge technologies and the latest achievements of mobile Internet at home and abroad, and highlighted the conference theme of world resonance

among them, as the top private dinner and CEO closed door summit held during the global mobile Internet Conference, 20 founders or CEOs were invited to the conference, with a market capitalization of more than $10billion. The gmic20 closed door leaders' summit aims to gather Chinese and foreign business leaders to jointly discuss global mobile Internet hot topics, explore changes and innovations in the whole industry, and affect the most influential people

Mr. Ren Yuxiang, global vice president of Tesla Motors and President of Asia Pacific region, delivered a keynote speech at the leadership summit, and brought Tesla's latest pure electric SUV model x static display in the GMIC exhibition area. It is reported that Tesla Model X was first shown at the Geneva auto show in March 2016. As a pure electric SUV, the new car is equipped with biochemical weapon defense mode including air conditioning system, active safety protection function and other configurations

at the same time, the conference also invited Wu Gansha, the former chief engineer of Intel China Research Institute, to participate in the summit. Previously, the media reported that Wu Gansha, Geling Shentong and Jiang Yan, the head of the National Smart car future challenge champion team, jointly founded a company focusing on the field of autonomous driving, Yushi technology. The entrepreneurial members of the team will make their debut at this conference and show the company's new technology of driverless in the automotive field

at the future summit, heavyweight guests from all over the world, such as tangxiaoou, the leading figure in computer vision, Gary bradski, the former vice president of magic leap, Chris Anderson, the CEO and founder of 3D robotics, will bring seven peak speeches. The consumption of powder in six venues will be affected. Top demo show, several black technology products will be launched globally, covering robots, computer vision, artificial intelligence, unmanned aerial vehicles, driverless vehicles, vr/ar Exoskeleton and other cutting-edge scientific and technological fields. Among them, kazerooni, director of UC Berkeley robotics and Ergonomics Laboratory, will bring the world's first full range of machine exoskeleton products distributed in the field of positive electrode materials in China as the CEO and founder of suitx, bringing good news to people with leg disabilities and children with cerebral palsy

GMIC will redefine mobile entertainment this year. As one of the important agendas of Pan entertainment, the mobile application globalization summit will build a platform for enterprises to start businesses at sea, tap the development potential of mobile Internet globalization, and explore and promote the globalization process of Pan entertainment industries such as mobile advertising, app, mobile games, etc

for the first time, VR panoramic live broadcast is adopted. As a new highlight of this GMIC, the conference has changed the traditional mode of video live broadcast in the past. The main venue of the conference and the GMIC annual award ceremony held in the bird's nest have adopted VR technology, which is now widely used by passers-by, to conduct panoramic live broadcast conferences, so that the audience can touch the future in advance and feel the new experience of the future brought by technology, which is the first time in the industry

in addition, the hottest celebrity at present has been added to participate in the live broadcast. Previously, GMIC joined hands with Tencent video and Tencent live to create the first Internet most popular anchor award selection activity. Tonight, the winner of the most popular anchor of Internet will gather with the popular stars at the annual ceremony of GMIC x, and use VR live broadcast to shine the night of the grand ceremony of the high integration of Internet technology and entertainment

gmic global mobile Internet Conference has attracted great attention from the global media since its preparatory stage. A total of nearly 600 Chinese and foreign media and more than 1000 participants participated in the report. The grand occasion of the conference, guests' views and conference results were synchronously released and widely disseminated at home and abroad. According to incomplete statistics, millions of articles, comments, pictures, videos, etc. related to the conference were published, with more than 10 billion readings

the world's most authoritative Internet platform, with many new products gathering highlights

gmic global mobile Internet Conference is not only a stage for domestic front-line manufacturers to discuss the most cutting-edge innovative technology in the mobile Internet industry, but also the most cutting-edge position for global top enterprise leaders to share the latest views and views on mobile Internet. At the same time, it is also a great platform for Chinese and foreign manufacturers to release new products

at this conference, many companies brought the latest products by means of new product release, keynote speech and booth display. For example, as the top partner of the conference, Huawei glory has participated in the conference for the second time and brought new products to the audience. The new wedo 2.0 launched by LEGO Education under LEGO Group will appear at the future summit, which is also the first exposure in China. In addition, Yitong technology also presented at this conference with the world's first Mr concept smart glasses vmg

in fact, since 2009, GMIC conference has been at the forefront of the mobile Internet industry and has become the most influential and influential industry conference in China and even the world. Combined with the mass entrepreneurship and innovation policy proposed by the state, the convening of this session not only analyzed the opportunities and challenges in the era of mobile Internet, but also provided a platform for entrepreneurs from all over the world to see new ideas from all walks of life, connect the world, let innovation realize value and affect the world

it is reported that GMIC will be held successively in Tel Aviv, Beijing, Tokyo, Jakarta, Sao Paulo, Silicon Valley, Bangalore, Taipei, Seoul and other cities this year to build exchange and communication platforms for innovators in the mobile Internet industry around the world, so as to promote the development of the industry and explore new trends and trends in science and technology

about the Great Wall Club

the Great Wall Club (GWC) was founded in 2008 and is committed to building the most influential global mobile innovation platform. Great Wall Club's businesses include: global membership network (G-Network) with more than 700 CEOs of mobile Internet enterprises; The global mobile Internet Conference (GMIC), which enjoys high reputation in nine countries and regions around the world; Ghome, a mobile Internet entrepreneurship Incubation Platform with a global vision; And the global intelligent robot Innovation Alliance (robotx), which leads the global robot industry

about GMIC

Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC): launched by the Great Wall Conference (GWC), the global mobile Internet innovation platform, it is one of the largest and most influential mobile Internet industry events in the world. Every year, tens of thousands of the most influential executives, innovators and developers in the mobile Internet industry gather together to learn and understand the trend of mobile Internet technology with industry leaders, and deeply discuss how mobile Internet is actively changing the world. With the globalization of the Great Wall Conference (GWC), the organizer, GMIC conferences were held in Beijing, Silicon Valley, Bangalore, Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Jakarta, Taipei, Tel Aviv and Seoul

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