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Glycol morning report

the MEG market test results of the external market can be set arbitrarily: the maximum force value and elongation are cold, the bonded goods offer us $825/ton, and the negotiation intention is US $820/ton; In May, the intention of cargo negotiation was 820 dollars/ton; In May, the negotiation intention of lower and middle cargo in Mojave, California was at the CFR level of 815 dollars/ton, and in June, the negotiation intention of cargo was at the CFR level of US dollars/ton. Downstream factories have little intention of spot purchase, traders have few inquiries, negotiations are cold, and transactions are limited

in the morning, the ethylene glycol market in East China was stable, the mainstream quotation was yuan/ton (out of the tank), and the mainstream transaction intention was yuan/ton (out of the tank). The market has a strong wait-and-see atmosphere, the downstream mentality is cautious, and the intention to receive goods is weak

in addition, the ex factory price of Maoming Petrochemical Ethylene glycol was stable at yuan/ton, with 1296 tons in port inventory and 1616 tons in plant inventory. The ex factory price of diethylene glycol is stable at 6600 yuan/ton, and the inventory is 405 tons. It can accurately obtain various data of the tested object

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