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GMC helps DMM strengthen bill marketing and the application of variable data

recently, the relevant person in charge of GMC software, an expert in the field of personalized communication, revealed that DMM (hereinafter referred to as DMM) officially selected and used GMC's printnet software as its software platform for designing and printing variable documents. DMM is a marketing solution provider, headquartered in Scarborough, Maine. It is committed to helping customers improve the return on classified capital of feeding 2 and feeding experimental machines and provide various targeted marketing solutions. Relevant data analysis reports show that DMM can help customers more effectively provide instant or lasting information and guide customers to accurately locate

dmm's business scope spans four industries. In fact, the company has only a small office and manufacturing facilities with more than 100000 square feet. The business scope includes the planning of business strategic activities, creative design, data analysis, digital printing, e-mail marketing, e-mail and event execution services, etc. He has more than 20 years of service experience in the financial services and insurance industry, and also serves many industries such as retail, automobile and medical insurance

one of the results of cooperation with GMC is that DMM customers can now use bills or other printed materials embedded with promotional advertisements to carry out cross marketing and up selling of goods, as well as various mutually beneficial bundle sales

John Cloutier, CEO of DDM, said that after evaluating the leading software tools in the market, we finally selected GMC's printnet software, because it allows us to easily design and maintain increasingly complex personalized variable data documents, which can better ensure the integrity of data to the greatest extent, and in addition, it can effectively reduce the repetitive communication between us and customers

in addition, cultivate and gather a batch of top talents in the industry. GM's printnet software really brings infinite business opportunities to our customers. Insurance companies can use policy advertisements to promote the insured's interest in cars, and banks can use bill advertisements to increase the number of customers eligible for family loans. Health institutions can use their billing advertisements to introduce smoking cessation clinics to target customers, or provide a special reward for a health club membership card

the more you know about the consumption habits and consumption patterns of the target customers, the higher the sales success rate will be. GMC's billing marketing software will help us achieve this, so that our customers have achieved considerable sales performance

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