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GMG is about to release the latest version of 4.1.14

GMG will officially release the latest version of GMG 4.1.14 to Chinese users at the 2006 China International all print exhibition. Now the 4.1.14 version of the whole GMG product family GMG Colorproof, GMG dotproof, GMG flexoproof, GMG colorserver and GMG inkoptimizer has been released to the world. GMG has shown some highlights of the new version at the IPEX exhibition just in the past. This version upgrade is an important upgrade, including many new functions

new functions of Colorproof 4.1.14

first, support the new GretagMacbeth IO measurement tool

you can use GretagMacbeth io for automatic measurement, and support TC3 and eci2002 test charts

second, the new multi-color ICC engine and new gamut mapping

support the use of logo ICC engine to use multi-channel ICC feature files as source feature files. This new function can be used for high fidelity and packaging and printing proofing operations. The logo ICC engine is obtained from GretagMacbeth

new gamut mapping black spot compensation: in Colorproof and colorserver, ICC color conversion can choose a new fifth mapping method. According to Adobe software, the fifth mapping conforms to the relevant chromaticity black field compensation. This new mapping method can only be used in combination with the logo ICC engine. If other ICC engines choose this mapping method, an error will be reported

III. The new version of the feature file conversion tool from GMG 230g/m2 paper to GMG matte 250g/m2 paper has a new tool - "convert feature file" in the tools menu of profileeditor. This tool converts the MX4 characteristic file of GMG 230g/m2 paper used by the existing Epson stylus Pro 4000/7600/9600 into MX4 characteristic file of high-quality GMG matte 250g/m2 paper. There are two conversion options, one is to convert to the same printer family, and the other is to convert to the new printer family Epson stylus Pro 4800/7800/9800

IV. feature file protection through dongle serial number

in the new version, MX4 and mx5 feature files can be protected with one or more dongle numbers. After encryption protection, these feature files can be used for printing or color conversion in Colorproof or colorserver only when the number of the dongle is consistent with the number saved in the feature file. When saving a protected property file, the user should enter a password to prevent others from changing or canceling the protection

v. estimation of target value and current value

in profileeditor, you can estimate the target value or current value from the existing CMYK color value. This new function is located in the "measure/estimate target value or current value" column of the menu, and users can quickly check it without printing and measuring. When using this function, the existing target value or current value will be overwritten. It is suggested that for high-quality proofing, the measured and printed value should be used as the estimation of lab value, rather than using this function to replace the actual printing

VI. support local Fuji brand file format

VII. It is more convenient to use profile editor

if you use printer calibration (activate "use printer calibration" in the general column) to create a feature file, then the printer linearization will no longer be displayed in "more parameters", which avoids unnecessary and confusion in the operation process and simplifies the operation process

VIII. Use hierarchical curve for extended spot color

spot color in the spot color database can use hierarchical curve, which can be used for manual or hot folder operations. After using this function, each spot color in the spot color database can be assigned as a hierarchical spot color with a path. When processing through a hot folder, the hierarchical spot color defined in the hot folder attribute has a higher priority

IX. the calibration wizard is easier to use

the new version enlarges the list of MX3 calibration files displayed in the calibration wizard, so as to better identify the calibration files of more than two printers

X. GMG Colorproof, which supports the new version of Polish

has a Polish version

Xi. Support Oki c9600 laser printer

after version 4.1.14, GMG software can support Oki c9600 digital printer. When printing on Oki c9600 printer, use the corresponding * SCA file. For Oki 9600 printer, the available documents are: printer calibration document and isocoated characteristic document for 105g/m2 color copy paper, and ISO newspaper26v4 characteristic document and calibration document for GMG 57g/m2 paper

12. Remote calibration wizard

printer calibration can be performed quickly on another computer without the Colorproof program installed. In this way, printing and measuring TC3 calibration charts can be performed from any user computer in the remote network, and the Colorproof program itself is installed on a high-performance server for printing. In the new version, to obtain the function of "allowing remote set to be highly automated and intelligent in 1 body range calibration", it must be activated in the general settings of Colorproof, and the entire Colorproof installation folder must be shared with the client computer on the network. On the client computer, you only need to install and operate the remote calibration wizard

colorserver 4.1.14 new features

I. colorserver's new profi instead of buying the performance index leeditor

with the help of the RGB color separation feature file of the new profileeditor, you can create CMYK conversion feature file and CMYK re color separation feature file according to your personal needs. There are more color separation settings and gamut mapping options to choose from to create these property files. Create an RGB MX4 property file and select "file/new RGB property file". When creating a new RGB MX4 color separation feature file, there is a new wizard to help users complete the creation process

second, automatically allocate colorserver MX4 feature files for images

after loading the pixel images of the built-in feature files, such as TIFF and JPEG images, into the hot folder, you can separately define the standard of how to process these images with the colorserver MX4 feature files. This new function aims to keep GMG colors clean with the expected high quality (clean after each experiment); Server feature files to automatically convert or separate a large number of images. This function, called "additional property file" in the hot folder attribute, can be defined in a table structure, so that the GMG property file will be used for the built-in property file identified from the image, and even the mapping method in the built-in property file can be considered

III. gray image processing

in the new version, gray images can be processed like CMYK four-color images. If the unprocessed defined CMYK conversion characteristic file only contains the information of the black channel and does not contain the CMY channel, the gray-scale image of a channel will be obtained after color conversion. Otherwise, create CMYK four-color image. This function applies to color image and file conversion, not PDF to PDF file conversion

IV. 3D sharpening of rgb/cmyk/grayscale images

in the new version, the 3D sharpening function used for color and file conversion in colorserver can be used not only for RGB images, but also for grayscale and CMYK four-color images. In the old version, the PDF to PDF file conversion and three-dimensional sharpening function can only be used for RGB, which is an instrument image used to test the mechanical and physical properties of various material components

gmg version 4.1.14 not only adds or improves many of the above functions, but also strictly fixes some small defects in the previous version, making GMG software more convenient and smooth to use. With the smooth convening of the 2006 GMG dealer conference and the new opening of the all print exhibition, GMG hopes to achieve greater success in the Chinese market. At the same time, with leading global color management product quality and advanced technology, GMG will continue to bring Chinese customers high-quality, full process color management solutions, and continue to promote the development of the printing industry and the progress of color management technology

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