Analysis of the problem of hot stamping on the hot

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Analysis of the problem of difficult hot stamping on UV light oil layer

in the printing industry, UV light oil has always played the role of high gloss oil. On the other hand, the requirements for test differentiation are getting higher and higher. The attachment system of the experimental machine is becoming more and more important in improving functions, providing convenience, and customizing solutions. It is worth the attention of the experimenters. The unique highlight effect is recognized by the majority of printing technicians, but UV varnish still has deficiencies in many post-processing properties. For example, hot stamping on UV light oil layer can obtain very good visual effect, but the application of this process is still very few. This is mainly because at present, the hot stamping suitability of UV varnish is not mature enough, the hot stamping quality is not stable enough, and the resin composition and additives of UV varnish are not conducive to hot stamping. These problems require the Polish manufacturer to further improve the polish. The following is a simple analysis of the problem of hot stamping on UV light oil layers from the problems that occurred in the development test process

(1) to form the effect of high brightness, UV varnish must have a certain thickness, but too thick gloss layer is also detrimental to hot stamping. Generally, the thickness of UV light oil layer coated by offset printing is more than 9g/m2

(2) in order to ensure the curing performance, one is raw material. Special resin and a large number of additives need to be added to UV varnish, which will inevitably affect the effect of hot stamping on the surface of UV varnish

(3) at present, the affinity between the resin component in UV varnish and hot stamping foil under high temperature and high pressure is not good enough, so hot stamping on UV varnish is not easy to control

therefore, the following matters should be paid attention to when hot stamping on the surface of UV light oil layer

(1) when it is necessary to improve the brightness of UV varnish, the operation method of non torsion tester advocates the method of increasing the thickness of gloss oil layer. The smoothness of the gloss layer and the material brand: petfr1300 gloss effect can be improved by adjusting the coating process parameters (coating roller line angle, line number, etc.) and the performance of the printing equipment (printing pressure, printing speed, etc.)

(2) reasonably select the hot stamping material to make its adhesive layer have good affinity with the resin of UV varnish

(3) accurately adjust the temperature and pressure of the hot stamping plate, because too high pressure and temperature will damage the surface performance of the ink, making hot stamping more difficult. At the same time, the hot stamping speed should not be too fast

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