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Globecomm launches advanced VSAT services

globecomm launches advanced VSAT services to support enterprises, governments and the maritime market

the new globalization platform, together with the global optical fiber transmission network, international access points and value-added functions, provides real end-to-end global coverage

globecomm announced that the new high-capacity satellite service globecomm VSAT, powered by ideal, is fully (7) the oil pump steel ball is not closely connected with the ball socket or the dirt is commercialized, This service aims to provide global fixed and mobile networks with connectivity with the advantages of the industry

the service provides a wide range of narrow-band and high-throughput applications through a stable, flexible and scalable network designed for the government and enterprise markets. The platform has been built to provide a completely dedicated network for customers in the land, maritime and aviation fields, as well as a full range of shared services. The coverage area includes the main marine areas through which the sea route passes and the land of five continents

globecomm VSAT, powered by Idirect 3. pendulum angle: 90 ° holds the growing demand of enterprise users for asset management and information logistics, including M2M (machine to machine), industrial IOT applications, and data and video solutions

jon Kirchner, senior vice president of corporate strategy of globecomm, said: globecomm VSAT helps us provide the most ubiquitous global broadband capacity in the industry for enterprises, governments, key infrastructure and telecom customers with marine and land businesses. Our focus is to provide customers with the satellite coverage and capacity they need to meet their growing needs beyond basic connectivity

the advanced global VSAT network is based on Idirect evolution IP platform technology. It communicates with a wide range of Idirect modems, including X7, which supports automatic beam conversion, as well as access to new HTS services. Globecomm customers will be able to use Ku, Ka and C-band services through the globecomm VSAT platform

this service combines globecomm's global transmission coverage, extensive land fiber connectivity, and Idirect's advanced coding and network management technology to form an end-to-end hosting service built and supported by the same company

in September 2015, Briese schiffahrts, a major German ship operator and globecomm's most loyal marine customer, became one of the first companies to install globecomm's latest generation of VSAT services based on Idirect evolution for its global marine business. Briese was impressed with this service and decided to use it on other ships. Holger B, information technology manager, Briese? Rchers said: globecomm VSAT has proved to be a very reliable service, which allows us to provide more and more cost-effective Internet connections and voice services to the crew. Globecomm's nimbus hosting service platform allows the crew to access, and their access GSM service allows the crew to dial and answer with their own

about globecomm

globecomm is a leading data management and management service provider in the world, providing wired, wireless and satellite solutions to meet the needs of industrial, commercial, media and government markets in more than 80 countries for intelligent and flexible infrastructure. The company uses its technical expertise to help customers solve mission critical problems such as industrial IOT, system design and integration, maritime and mobile communications, media services, data analysis and networking. Globecomm is headquartered in harpak, New York, and has offices in the United States, the Netherlands, South Africa, Germany, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, Afghanistan and Indonesia

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