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Glory Magic 2 release: This is more like an AI yoyo release conference

glory Magic 2 release: This is more like an AI yoyo release conference

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original title: glory Magic 2 release: This is more like an AI yoyo release conference

after yesterday's highly productive and creative Apple release conference, in fact, everyone is a little tired today, While the information of yesterday may still be digested, an upgraded model that has been brewing for two years is also unveiled in Beijing

on the last night of October, glory Magic 2 was officially released in Beijing

glory magic as a concept (3) high temperature creep extensometer 1 is generally composed of creep deformation guiding devices installed on both sides of the specimen and two displacement sensors equipped with them. When it was launched in 2016, it was equipped with many radical technologies, including octahedral appearance, 40W fast charging and the most important magic live intelligent system. Magic 2, which was brewed after two years, is still the focus of this press conference

first of all, as usual, we offer the main configuration:

processor: Kirin 980 eight core processor, dual NPU

Screen: 6.39 inch fhd+ 2340 × 1080 resolution AMOLED screen, support P3 color gamut

memory: 6gb/8gb

storage: 128gb/256gb/512gb (photosensitive version)

front camera: 16million +2million +2million three camera

rear camera: 16million (color) + 24million (black and white) + 16million (ultra wide angle) three camera

battery: 3500mah, support 40W (10V 4a) fast charging

others: screen fingerprint recognition, Yoyo AI

system: Magic UI 2.0

as leaked in August, glory Magic 2 adopts a sliding cover design. According to Zhao Ming, President of glory, although "appearance" is not the final part of magic series, this glory did spend a lot of effort on appearance design, such as the butterfly five track sliding screen structure used by glory Magic 2 this time

since the slide design is adopted, glory Magic 2 naturally adopts a "more comprehensive" comprehensive screen design. The screen adopts a 6.39 inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 2340 × 1080,ppi 403。 It basically benchmarked Xiaomi mix 3 released a few days ago, but it's a pity that it still hasn't reached the top 2K level

in the back design, glory Magic 2 adopts optical nano vacuum coating technology, and the back cover also continues the gradient design popular this year. At present, glory Magic 2 has brought three colors, including gradient black, gradient red and gradient blue. It is very frank and does not have some unknown names

in terms of core configuration, needless to say, equipped with Huawei's most powerful Kirin 980 eight core processor, there is not much to say in terms of performance. Aifaner has been tested in detail on other models. The more important thing is the computing power of neural network engine and artificial intelligence technology brought by dual NPU, which is very suitable for Magic 2, which is famous for its intelligent system

therefore, after introducing the appearance and configuration, the scene entered a rich and even lengthy artificial intelligence link. Glory Magic 2 brings the soul and core of magic UI 2.0 - the evolvable artificial intelligence organism yoyo

although it is very mysterious, yoyo is still not divorced from the essence of voice assistant. Of course, after deep integration with the system, yoyo's functions are richer and "smarter" than ordinary voice assistants. Yoyo is characterized by its deep binding with the biometrics of the owner, including fingerprints, voiceprints, facial data and account data, ensuring the exclusive enjoyment of one person, one yoyo. Through 3D bionic recognition function (which can be understood as glory self-developed structured light), Magic 2's face recognition can reach the financial level payment standard, and naturally supports Alipay

in addition, yoyo also brings several functional selling points, such as accompanying translation. At present, yoyo supports translation of ten languages. Through voice to voice conversion, it can naturally carry out simple foreign language conversations under ideal conditions. According to Zhao Ming's judgment after the meeting, the current recognition rate can reach 80%, and communication is hopeless, but emergency response abroad is possible

deepthink function is similar to Google now in those days. It can intelligently analyze the content in the current screen and split out useful information. Object recognition can recognize objects in the picture through artificial intelligence through the camera. The intelligent input rule can actively recommend some relevant information in chat, such as weather, movies, etc. (privacy is another aspect). In addition, yoyo can calculate the calories of food and analyze the skin condition of the owner

in other aspects, glory Magic 2 also brings dual frequency positioning and navigation, and is equipped with a self-developed hi1103 GPS chip, which can improve the accuracy to the level of 15 meters, which is more accurate than the 30 meter dual frequency of l1+l5, so it is also more accurate in motion track tracking

in addition, glory Magic 2 also continues to carry the fast charging function, but compared with the previous 5V 8A fast charging, this time it is replaced by a high voltage and low current fast charging method, specifically 10V 4a, which is still 4. According to the National Bureau of statistics, the 0W level can be charged to 85% in 30 minutes

in terms of more extended functions, glory Magic 2 supports wireless PC mode. While continuing to use Android, it can also wirelessly project a PC system (the demo image is windows 10?). In addition, Magic 2 has created a new WiFi download rate as high as 1.7gbps. If the network speed is enough, it only takes 78S to download 10GB TV series, according to scientific investigation

in terms of photography, glory Magic 2 is equipped with six front and rear cameras. It supports slide selfie and portrait mode selfie, and adopts 16million main camera +24million black-and-white +16million ultra wide-angle triphoto in the rear. The AI scene tag supports up to 60+ classes and more than 1500 scenes. Through AI recognition function, it can also realize character tracking and create 10s personal album

the price is finally announced in the Convention. Glory Magic 2 brings three configurations in total, and the price of 6g+128g is 3799 yuan. The price of 8g+128g is 4299 yuan, and that of 8g+256g is 4799 yuan. In addition, we need a more high-end 3D photosensitive version, which supports 3D bionic recognition (meaning that the ordinary version has no structural light) and graphite thin heat dissipation. The price naturally rises, reaching 5799 yuan. The first sale is at 10:08 a.m. on November 6

after that, Zhao Ming also brought several one more things. The first one is Flypods wireless headset, which has three colors: red, blue and white. The high-end Pro version supports bone voiceprint recognition and voice wake-up yoyo unlocking. Flypods standard version is priced at 799 yuan, and pro version is priced at 999 yuan

the second one more thing is the glory watch magic watch, which uses a 1.2-inch screen and supports a maximum battery life of one week. It is available in lava version and moonlight version, and the price is 899 yuan and 999 yuan respectively. You can buy it at 0:00 on November 1

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