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Analysis of the problem of die cutting rough edges and easy tear openings not easy to tear

die cutting is an important process in carton post press processing, and the quality of die cutting directly affects the forming of the final carton. For the problems of rough edges and tear holes that are not easy to tear in the process of die cutting in printing plants, we specially interviewed some printing plants and suppliers, and asked them to talk about the causes and solutions of this problem

problems of die cutting burrs

◆ Jiangsu Dadong Group Xuzhou Huayi Color Printing Co., Ltd. in resonant fatigue testing machine

causes: the die-cutting knife is not fast or the knife is not aligned with the bottom template

solution: replace the die-cutting knife with a new one, and check whether the position of the knife is aligned with the bottom template

◆ boster Group Shanghai Co., Ltd.

cause: the die-cutting knife is not sharp enough, or the hardness of the rebound strips on both sides of the knife may be insufficient. When the blade cuts into the paper, the paper cannot be fixed, so the blade cannot be cut neatly, and the paper wool will be produced

solution: if the new cutter plate is blunt, in addition to the possible reasons of the equipment itself, it may also be that the operating pressure setting does not discharge the air in the oil cylinder. When the pressure is too high, the service life of the cutter plate will be shortened

the problem of easy tearing and not easy tearing

◆ Jiangsu big experimental software works under the environment of windows Chinese and English

cause: the connection point is too large

solution: the connection point should be the smallest when the large sheets are continuous when starting up, and the position of the connection point should be in a straight line distribution with the paper feeding direction, so that there is no oblique stretching of the printing sheet in the machine die cutting work, The connection point is not easy to break, and the connection point can become a synonym for sports shoe material. It can be minimized, and the tear opening is easy to tear when tearing the box

◆ boster Group Shanghai Co., Ltd.

cause: die cutting is not cut through

solution: first check the quality of the blade plate. If the quality is qualified, the height of the blade line is consistent, and the blade is sharp, then the next step is to check whether the die-cutting paper has cut through parts. If so, it is necessary to supplement the pressure. If there is no cut through part, it means that the pressure is not enough. You can adjust the pressure of the equipment to a part of the cut through, and then achieve the ideal die-cutting effect by adding pressure

in view of the above two problems, Jiangsu Unicom sanbaolin Printing Co., Ltd. believes that these problems are mainly caused by knife molds. When the printing factory uses the automatic waste remover, the steel knife mold is better than the wood knife mold. If there are burrs and problems that are not easy to tear, check whether the knife edge is sharp, whether the pressure is too light, etc. (text/Yang Shan)

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