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Plastic card printing technology and process analysis

plastic cards are not only of practical value, but also convenient to carry, and the curve is saved as The technology of manufacturing I.C. chips with BMP format pictures has been improved. The chips can be small enough to be buried and used in plastic cards, which improves the I.C. card as the medium of computer systems. In view of the expanding application scope of plastic cards and their higher and higher collection value, the printing process has really contributed a lot

first of all, the situation of letterpress Information Card Co., Ltd. in printing plastic cards is introduced. On the day of the interview, Mr. Kato Jilu, the managing director of letterpress Information Card Co., Ltd., Mr. Liu Jianxiang, the general manager of the finance department, Mr. Mo Yongzheng, the general manager of the production department, Mr. Liang Yonghao, the manager of the production department, Mr. Chen Guoyuan, the manager of the sales department, and Mr. Peng Zuming, the director of the safety department, provided sufficient and detailed information for this magazine

general plastic card printing process

after receiving the order, it will first depend on the customer's requirements or which printing method the product is suitable for, that is, to see whether the product uses offset printing or silk printing (offset printing and silk printing have their own advantages) to get the best effect, and then implement and use it. The standard stipulates a printing method in the error and fluctuation range of experimental force

after receiving the customer's film, it will be sent to the prepress department for plate making, and then it will be printed. After the bottom and side are printed, it will need to undergo high-temperature lamination (a plastic card is composed of four layers of plastic, divided into two layers of bottom and two layers of protective layer), and then the fine card will be produced after lamination

every process of production needs to be tested for quality. Until the last general test, those whose quality does not meet the standard are extracted

the smart card of tape card has another process

and can adjust the system through closed-loop feedback. The tape on the tape card is attached to the protective layer before compounding, that is, different from the ordinary plastic card, the tape is added before compounding, and other processes are not different

as for smart cards, the previous process is the same as above. After the card body of each smart card is printed, it is the process of chip installation, reading, writing and testing

before loading the chip into the plastic card, it will be tested whether it is intact; Then a small hole will be carved on the card body, and the chip will be embedded in the small hole. After installation, the chip will be added with appropriate data

some credit cards are sent to other departments for holograms after the card body is printed

pay attention to the temperature in the printing process

there is no doubt that every process of printing a high-quality product needs careful attention. However, some departments need to pay extra attention with the development of the plastic recycled particle industry. Because of the temperature and pressure involved in the lamination of printed plastic cards, special attention will be paid. The temperature and pressure during compounding must be properly controlled, otherwise the plastic card will expand or shrink, and even the four-layer plastic compounding is not firm

in addition, the pattern design of the card surface should also try to match the effect that its printing technology can achieve

quality control according to the guidelines

for letterpress information cards, they regard every employee as a technician and have sufficient technology and experience to cope with the work. The staff in charge of quality inspection will screen out and analyze the "bad cards" every day. After an order is completed, they will list the analysis results in a detailed report and distribute it to different departments, so that each department can understand what can be improved

of course, there will be different requirements for different orders. Therefore, before making each order, the department head will list a chart in advance to explain what to pay attention to or from what angle to test the order, so that employees can do their own duties according to the guidelines

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